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three recent stoppages
It has not escaped my attention that every time this Duchamp online bulletin board has recently failed to work properly, the resultant first notice is "positioning ÉTANT DONNÉS."
What exactly were the chances of that, I wonder.
"Oh Great One! Are you sending us a sign?"

Duchamp in Philadelphia

2003.02.05 14:20
Re: Do We Know What We're Doing?
We are all mirrors that have to see ourselves regardless?

2003.02.07 17:43
Re: WTC Proposals
Wonder if any curators out there know where to find early 21st century religious art.

2003.02.07 17:57
Re: You gotta keep makin' the art...
Weightlessness is more like it.
How do you say return from planetary orbit in German?
[Bombastic Piece No. 7]

2003.02.08 09:23
Re: WTC Proposals
[someone did their homework]
web search
intelligence gathering (in Wildwood hot tub?)
where does Gidget go?

2003.02.08 09:38
Re: You gotta keep makin' the art...
Been there, done that (again and again).
Reenacting Barney.
Reenacting Wagner.
Reenacting Piranesi.
Reenacting Helena and Eutropia.
Never a shortage of bombast.
Who said Art is a boy's name?
Is it true (some) snails breed themselves?

2003.02.09 08:26
Re: "cohabit"
40 thieves
Napoleon at St. Helena

What the mighty one did in exile, one would suppose.
Solitary sculpture on my kitchen table with almost every meal (since 1989).
two full decks, nice tableau
Have I yet to exceed the number of games he played?
And the award for laziest reenactment of a fallen French emperor goes too...
Oh, fame at last

I now find myself wondering whether I should attempt compiling all my work into a daily (i.e., 365 day) index, where everything I've ever done on a certain day is catalogued, thus ultimately providing a unique calendar of my own life, which might offer interesting and even inspiring indications of how to continue proceeding with my work.

2003.02.13 10:25
Re: Larry Poons
I wish museums mixed things up more. For example, I'd like to see Poons in a French period room, or Duchamp in a Ladies Room. Brancusi next to armor, why not? Museum as future-shock, sort of. Pick your destiny.
Hold me! Thrill me! Kiss me! You're my pride and joy, etc. Now rearrange me.



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