3 February

1544 discovery of the Sarcophagus of Empress Maria  

appositional art
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appositional art
...my theory/methodology is best described as appositional.

novel ideas
12. There was the idea that Jim Williams, this year at the König Ludwig Lauf, had memorized Gravity's Rainbow, and this is a way to introduce passages which Jim slightly alters to make it all non copyright infringement.
Looks like I'm going to borrow the book again, and maybe I'll actually read it all this time.
Well, yesterday was Constantine's and Elizabeth Taylor's birthday.
March 3rd is James Merrill's birthday. I like how a passage from The Changing Light at Sandover was quoted in Artforum last year.

"My Rita Novel Idea"
6. There are 150 paintings by Rubens at the Alte Pinakothek at München.
13. Eva decided the ball is themed "Korean American Religious Tax Evasion".
15. the reenactment of the Widener collection at Lynnewood.
16. Dr. King comes to Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell every Freedom Day, 1 February, since he was the first in the tradition of having someone famous ring the Liberty Bell that day.




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