13 February

quondam feast of St. Catherine de Ricci

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2003.02.13 10:25

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2004 gas jet explosion at Olney & Ogontz Philadelphia

2005 "The Bilocating Barnes Foundation" by St. Catherine de Ricci, Albert C. Barnes and Louis I. Kahn

2003.02.13 10:25
Re: Larry Poons
I wish museums mixed things up more. For example, I'd like to see Poons in a French period room, or Duchamp in a Ladies Room. Brancusi next to armor, why not? Museum as future-shock, sort of. Pick your destiny.
Hold me! Thrill me! Kiss me! You're my pride and joy, etc. Now rearrange me.

I now find myself wondering whether I should attempt compiling all my work into a daily (i.e., 365 day) index, where everything I've ever done on a certain day is catalogued, thus ultimately providing a unique calendar of my own life, which might offer interesting and even inspiring indications of how to continue proceeding with my work.




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