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2003.06.06 13:45
homage to Matta-Clark's father and godfather
Just before encountering The Bell and the Glass at the Philadelphia Museum of Art this past Wednesday, I was walking down the stairs directly adjacent gallery 182 where The Bell and the Glass is installed. On the landing half way down these stairs is the entrance to the 20th century art curatorial offices, and on the wall next to the office door presently hangs Roberto Matta Echaurren's The Bachelors Twenty Years After. This painting is a fairly new acquisition of the PMA, and when I first saw it back in February it was hanging within the main contemporary art galleries (where a rather famous early Pollack currently hangs).
I didn't think of it on Wednesday, but last night it dawned on me that on Wednesday morning I submitted a post at Atrforum/talkback Re: Matta-Clark (son of Roberto Matta Echaurren and godson of Marcel Duchamp) which was not initially accepted, then I went to the Phladelphia Museum of Art (because I was extremely bored at home) where I unexpectedly encountered The Bachelors Twenty Years After, and then unexpectedly encountered The Bell and the Glass.
As I already mentioned, I don't know much about Gordon Matta-Clark, but for some reason I became unexpected/unknowingly close (albeit with degrees of separation) to him on Wednesday.

2003.06.06 13:54
Re: Weapons of Mass Tamp... forgot to mention how Duchamp very often reenacted his own oeuvre during the latter part of his career!

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