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2003.01.07 12:50
Call me anything except the late great....

2003.01.11 13:43
Re: craft vs. design
I was wondering, is the use of an avatar a craft thing or an art thing?
You see, I don't really know, because some avatars are crafty, while other avatars are artsy, and then some avatars are even crafty and artsy.
Do you think crafty and artsy are something like twins (unfortunately?) separated at birth?
Or do you think like they were kids together, but some evil state agency got hold of them and brutally separated them? And now maybe they are desperately searching for each other.
But what happens if they do find each other, and then they find out they are both incestuous and bisexual? I mean, what's gonna happen then?!?
That might just lead to the end of civilization, you know.
Er, excuse me Steve. But it was incestuous and bisexual people that started civilization in the first place.
Well, if that's the case, then it's only fitting that they be the ones to end it as well.

2003.01.12 16:55
Re: craft vs. design
Augury, as in the flight pattern of birds, you mean?
Augury is a kind of air-craft art, isn't it?

2003.01.14 12:59
Re: How did you get into art?
Here's my explanation.
You'll also see what Calvin Tomkins once wrote about art and craft

2003.01.14 15:33
Re: How did you get into art?
Or maybe it was something I experienced in 1972:

Franklin's Footpath (1972).
The world's largest painting by Gene Davis on the parking lot in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art--31464 square feet, 12 miles of masking tape used, 400 gallons of special paint. As predicted, it lasted about 5 years.
I fondly remember walking over it often. Oh boy, now I'm dreaming reenactment.

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