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Re: craft vs. design   1323c
2003.01.11 13:43

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2005.01.11 09:19


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2003.01.11 13:43
Re: craft vs. design
I was wondering, is the use of an avatar a craft thing or an art thing?
You see, I don't really know, because some avatars are crafty, while other avatars are artsy, and then some avatars are even crafty and artsy.
Do you think crafty and artsy are something like twins (unfortunately?) separated at birth?
Or do you think like they were kids together, but some evil state agency got hold of them and brutally separated them? And now maybe they are desperately searching for each other.
But what happens if they do find each other, and then they find out they are both incestuous and bisexual? I mean, what's gonna happen then?!?
That might just lead to the end of civilization, you know.
Er, excuse me Steve. But it was incestuous and bisexual people that started civilization in the first place.
Well, if that's the case, then it's only fitting that they be the ones to end it as well.

2005.01.11 09:19
Re: 2005! new year of art
Spent Sunday morning at the Barnes Foundation.
First time there--no coat check, no headphones,
had most of the galleries to myself,
best way to see the place.
The Cret design is a keeper.
It shouldn't be seen as a move,
just getting the additional space that is desperately needed.
Was right about the Matisses,
and didn't know I could correctly guess a Rubens before.
The furniture quickly began to intrigue, as did the hardware.
I heard the old lady tour guide say plastic means was part of the goal.
After years of near rigor mortis,
the Foundation deserves plastic means.
Barnes himself is presently existing among the dozen odd homeless that "live" along the base of the Youth Study Center.
"I'm really into site analysis."
In the afternoon at home, I remembered the "Parlor of the Turn-of-the-Millennium Collector" at Venue December 1993.
Barnes now-a-days dreams of collecting Venue artists.




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