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2003.06.29 19:17
Re: Götterdämmerung?
This is getting interesting. Brings to mind the notion/role of the spoil sport (a la homo ludens), i.e., the one(s) not playing by the preferred game/club rules, and, at the same time, manifesting a likewise history/legacy that the club rather not acknowledge.

Crack Scam 001
laser print on magazine page
10.8 x 8.5 inches

Crack Scam 002
laser print on magazine page
10.8 x 8.5 inches

Crack Scam 003
laser print on magazine page
10.8 x 8.5 inches

Stephen Lauf, Étant donnés' back door (Philadelphia:, 2003.07.01), $50.00.
An artistic investigation of Marcel Duchamp's work in situ, and hence a manifestation of the work's influence. A PC formatted compact disk documentation, 295 html pages, 665 images. Each CD is signed and numbered from an edition of 100.
Artist's intention: "I hope that at some points this work cracks you up."

2003.07.11 17:25
Re: article
Coincidentally, I was at Paley yesterday and copied the article. I haven't been to Paley in over a month, and I remembered there was some article of interest (that I found reference to online recently) in a journal called Art Matters or something like that. I didn't remember what the article was, but when I went to the journal section at Paley, I looked up journals that began in ART, and, sure enough, a portion of the Campo Marzio was on the cover of The Art Bulletin.
I read the Campo Marzio portion of the article so far, and I can't help but think that the author had read Encyclopedia Ichnographica when it was published at Quondam 1998.
Thanks for the reference though--I saw that Joseph Cornell / Marcel resonance was on the returned book shelf, and thus you were at Paley recently. We seem to be in step with each other's spirits.
I'm working on compiling compact disk publications (for sale) these days. I completed Etant Donnes' Back Door 1 July 2003, and now I'm working on Pretensions of an Unarchitect 001, a multi-volume publication regarding all my pretensions (self-evidently something I'm very good at) and my unarchitectness (also something I'm very good at). The first copy of Etant Donnes Back Door was just sold at eBay within the last hour.
Hope all is going well with you too. Do you want to get together for some photographing sometime soon (when it might not be too hot), eg, views from Center City parking lots and/or Northern Liberties (on bike maybe?) looking for inspiration of Kahn?

2003.07.12 14:21
Re: Jeff Wall- attacked with a gun?
cleaning up the mess:

still on the loose:

"You're the one who started the rumor, aren't you?"

crime lab reenactment:

"Honestly, we don't give a fuck."

the usual suspects:

the rest is history...



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