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2003.01.01 11:55
Museum Peace 2002.12.27
Light is most of the theme.

2003.01.01 11:36
Re: Foul Perfection
You might want to check out Preenactments of 9-11.
The last post sent 10 September 2001 to Design-L, an email list for art and architecture, reads:
Aryani Sari Rahmanti wrote: does anyone know where in the www can I find the complete structural information about a building? Tall buildings I mean, like skyscrapers. The building system, how the loads being transferred, things like that. I really need the information to complete this semester's assignment. I'll be greatly thankful for the information. Try the various publications of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Structural Systems for Tall Buildings is probably the most immediately connected.
— Randolph Fritz, Eugene, Oregon, USA.
Preenactments of 9-11 is a collection of all the letters sent to Design-L on a September 11th.

2003.01.02 19:38
Eutropia looking directly at Helena
Eutropia looking directly at Helena...

...and Helena is looking directly back at Eutropia as well.

2003.01.02 21:24
Re: Chora L Works
Now there's a book you'd like to pretend never happened.
I must admit, however, that I do like the literal symbolism of Chora L Works, i.e., a theory with lots and lots and lots of holes in it.
Why, it's enough to make you say, "Holy Saint Cow Day, Batman!"

2003.01.02 21:28
pretending something happens

a. so touching
b. so moving
c. so clinical
d. so expensive
e. so Roman Catholic

2003.01.02 22:44

Pollock taking a piss in Guggenheim's fireplace.
Stirling taking a piss on Rudolph's glass door facing the Yale architecture faculty party going on inside.
Pretty much anything Disney does in the name of theme park entertainment.
That spontaneous online double theater where being FOG said "Too much white thinking manifests extinctions."
Oh, and Heliogabalus marrying a vestal virgin.

2003.01.03 14:37
Blinkered Self Reflection?
I remember reading in some 1980s issue of The Face that the 1980s began when David Bowie recorded (at Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia) and released Young Americans, 1975, with particular credit going to the song Fame.
Given that hypothesis, I then surmised that the 1980s ended with the news that Rock Hudson had AIDS 1986(?).
1985 was an interesting year. There was that bombing of the MOVE people/house in Philadelphia, and then Live-Aid, also in Philadelphia. And who could forget the riveting episodes of Dynasty, climaxing with snippers attacking the royal wedding in Moldavia—even Ali McGraw was there. I don't know if it ever got any better than that.
"Shout! Shout! Let it all out!" indeed.

2003.01.03 16:26
Blinkered Self Reflection?
...while suggesting when the 1980s ended. I was more making a point about when a lot of pretending about AIDS started to end. That Hudson was outed in the process is incidental (in my opinion). The Hudson with AIDS news is a counter-point to Bowie's Fame. In the mid-1980s, it was hardly imagined that AIDS would become so famous.
Dynasty was the #1 TV show (in America) in 1985. At my cousin's wedding rehersal September 1985, I made a joke among the other ushers that "Now's when the snippers strike." All the other guys got my joke, hence confirming that a whole lot of people were watching Dynasty at the time.
I remember laughing a whole lot when I saw Rock Hudson and Linda Evans acting out a scene on Dynasty that had them together delivering the birth of a horse. Perhaps this explains why I don't necessarily agree with all the fuss over Cremaster, for example—lots of competition when I tap into my (art) memory banks.
Another highlight of 1980s:
The publication of Leo Steinberg's The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and Modern Oblivion in October 25, Summer (really Autumn/Winter) 1983.

2003.01.04 11:54
40 years ago someplace that doesn't exist



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