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2003.04.04 13:31
Re: The Last Taboo?
What you inferred early on about the Chapmans' work being like grafitti from the past is uncannily insightful. An aspect of that specific work that perhaps you first saw—I'd like to hear more. What you say about the issue of viewer reaction is also completely worthwhile. I'm with you on this too.
What the Roman emperors did is part of the practice of damnatio memoriae, a particularly ancient Roman political practice, and thier also putting their own head upon what has been erased, manifests palimpsest. Damnatio memoriae plus palimpsest is a somewhat 'rare' set within damnatio memoriae in general. I see damnatio memoriae as again assimilation in the extreme.
I just temporarily 'hung' 22 metabolized Schinkel prints within The Curatorium.
"Destroying" art to "create" art. Is it really shocking to do something we viscerally do all the time just to live? I thought art was life now-a-days anyway.

Exhibit One Apposing Schinkel
1992.04.16 -
ink and watercolor on preprinted paper
12 parts at 24 x 18 inches each



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