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1974 death of Samuel Goldwyn

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2003.01.31 11:58

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2004 König Ludwig Lauf

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2004.01.31 10:30

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2004.01.31 21:54

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three recent stoppages
It has not escaped my attention that every time this Duchamp online bulletin board has recently failed to work properly, the resultant first notice is "positioning ÉTANT DONNÉS."
What exactly were the chances of that, I wonder.
"Oh Great One! Are you sending us a sign?"

2004.01.31 10:30
Re: Tante Acht und Achtzig and "Nudist Camp..."
Dear Otto,
We have begun our survey at the PMA, and the results so far are very encouraging, even enlightening and sometimes uncanny. There are so many 'nudists' on axes, very campo nudatio. We'll be sending you images shortly; you can use them for web enticement. We're staying in Philadelphia for a few weeks before going to Milan ourselves.
Is it true that Eva decided to theme the Ball Korean Religious?!? If so, does it matter whether we come North or South?
Thanks again for inviting us to speak at the HTAFCC. We're really enjoying ourselves.
Marcel and Paul




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