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2004.09.22 12:43
what goes around comes around?
Equinoctial Augury
"So what should we do for Helena's birthday tomorrow?"
"Oh, I don't know. I heard she's fuming over some of Antonina Harbus' published lack of historical insight."
"Does that mean Helena might go medieval on her?"
"Ha! I love British humor."
"I know. It's so legendary."

2004.09.22 23:46
Yes, I did make one of the most important icons of the 20th C.
by Jeff Koons
I agree w/ the Tourist. I don't subscribe here since zip/jareth/zoogle monopolize, but r frightrully uneventful, but annoying, but hemmoroidal, yet anal retentive, yet bland in a grey way, but doggedly insipid, and so self-evident, but totally narcissistically self absorbing in their post-Platonic ethereal ephemerality , A FRISSON: but one hopes they see the light of ASS=ISTED SUICIDE. May I say something about Steph and his fetishistic, but WHO CARES? insistance upon the lame ass Italian printmaker (prints! that should tell u something, only the most bottom dwelling larvae traffic in prints, unlike I who am Master Grand Theft Auto of Painting)? On the other hand, quelle ennui.
Proof! Copy/Paste all zipthwrong statements into a text and try 2 sell.

2004.09.23 11:28
thanks, I needed a title
Prince of Traffic

As far as I got last night. Still needs some touching up, then on to parts 2 and 3.
Don't be so insecure, 'Jeff', you're a fetish of mine too.

Art damaged at Nazi-row exhibition
Yelling loudly, the 35-year-old woman attacked "Office Baroque," a cutout section of wall by American artist Gordon Matta-Clark, doing a series of head-over-heels flips before landing on the work in a handstand, punching both her arms through the drywall, said Klaus Dieter Lehmann, president of Berlin's Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation.
She then ran across the large room, pushing over a section of a spray-painted truck called "Graffiti Truck," also by Matta-Clark, bending back the metal roof.

2004.09.23 09:08
Re: "The Sun" had plagiarized my art
Listen to me Sun       The Egyptians, they hailed you       Mercury, he mailed you       Wings on his feet       Talk about heat

2004.09.23 12:30
going medieval, etc.
Since it's presently for sale, Helena and Eutropia are, as of today (and for a month or two), staying at that great little church in Cape May, NJ.

They went down with Leni, who's staying a while in the empty factory complex on Lake Lenape in May's Landing, NJ.
Le Corbusier extending his stay (exactly) at Cape May Point.

While Hejduk and Izenour are doo-wop-ing it up at the Caribbean in Wildwood.

It looks like Helena might get some nice help in writing her paper--"Pilgrimage, Reenactment and Tourism"--for the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention.

2004.09.23 13:34
Happy Birthday Helena Augusta
what goes around comes around?
going medieval, etc.
According to the latest (and most elaborate) legend, Helena died just a couple of months before what would have been her 80th birthday, 23 September 326.
"What a nice manifestation of 1758th birthday presents."
Was Eutropia at Trier on 23 September 326? Is that when she (metabolically) gave orders for the destruction of the Imperial palace there to then create the enormous twin basilica in its place?
"Perhaps Constantine should have mentioned that I didn't send the letter about Mamre from Mamre. Perhaps Constantine knew he was 'oaking' at the expense of modern doubters."

2004.09.23 13:53
Re: "The Sun" had plagiarized my art
Season two (which incidently began on 25 July, the anniversary of St. Helena's death) is superb; this week's episode a real gem.
Also incidently, today is Helena Augusta's birthday--just sent this [the above] to the late antiquity list.

2004.09.23 14:28
As to so much architecture becoming 'not there,' is it any wonder that originates from a modest rowhome in a Philadelphia neighborhood that most would rather leave behind?
I've lived and worked in Philadelphia almost 50 years now, most of my life, and I never stopped learning more and more.
It's probably safe to say Philadelphia is quondam brewery capital of the USA, ie, all the many, many old breweries are just not there anymore.
And don't even ask where the quondam American Palace Capital of the World is. (I know there's Newport, RI, but a pair of black and white Philadelphia architects designed a bunch of them palaces as well.)
Hey liberty bell, you have an open invitation to Arbor Street. The trip will be amusingly educational, I'm sure. I especially want more architects to personally see the substantial remains of the 1813 Whitaker Mills stone barn (a rare Philadelphia structure indeed) mostly hidden in Tacony Creek Park.

2004.09.23 17:18
Re: a terrifying, badly designed show
He was barely conscious, but he still understood I had just gotten my mother's car fixed. "Battery" was the last word my father Otto ever said to me 23 September 1997. For the next 30 hours he could hardly breath, and I couldn't bear to watch. Finally, his lungs filled up with fluid, my mother saw him puke, and then he died shortly before 10 pm 24 September 1997.
I suppose it would be better if everyone could die in peace at home.

2004.09.24 14:22
Solution to the Unknown

especially now!



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