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making of ...a Casa Vogue fetish party

2004.07.31 11:10
Are you happy with the architecture in your town?
The Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club has no problem with the town they love the architecture of.
Just last night, Horace figured out the surprise ending of his closing speech at the forthcoming convention in his architecture's honor. He told Otto about it, and then Otto quickly advised Horace to get in touch with Frank Lloyd Wright, figuring Frank is the best possible first degree of separation for Horace's surprise to get fully connected.
"How did you come up with that one Horace?"
"Well, I spent the last two days with Raphael, Van Dyke, and El Greco seeing some of The Big Nothing art exhibits, and they started joking about "spending all this quality time together and it's all for nothing!" And then it hit me."
"That's brilliant. I'll definitely make sure this gets to the next degree."

...a Casa Vogue fetish party



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