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Artifact of Ottopia No. 44

Stephen Lauf
Wig Nut and Wig Not

2004.07.13 17:39
plan free
Gordon deleted all the ground and first floor walls of the Villa Savoye. He's also taken up playing Dominos.
Otto's finally relieved that Gordon's also pinned down the content of his "moldy paper on mildew". He's putting together an analysis of the architecture Louis Kahn and Robert Venturi were designing in the years just before he (Gordon) was in architecture school.
"Zo you are dekahnstrahding za zablimeenahl?"
"Jawohl, mein König."
John Sebastian Matta, Gordon's twin brother, jumped out Gordon's window 28 years ago tomorrow.
Guess who have been dating the Bijani twins for just over a year now.

2004.07.13 16:08
Re: Julien Prévieux
Tomorrow, 14 July, like every year, is the beginning of reenactment season.
John Sebastian Matta jumped out Gordon's [studio] window tomorrow 28 years ago. That is a clue.
Prévieux Redu[x]
Who needs plans? Certainly not Gordon.

2004.07.16 12:28
Re: Sex is the narrative of painting
multiple odds
narrative is the painting of sex
painting is the sex of narrative
painting is the narrative of sex
narrative is the sex of painting
narrative is the painting of dead sex
sex is the narrative of dead painting
painting is the sex of dead narrative
Everyone in Ottopia is talking about Rubens' new Till Death Do Us Part paintings.

2004.07.16 12:52
Re: Sex is the narrative of painting
every picture tells a sexy story?

2004.07.18 14:19
good design under $15?
I love how a lot of 'good design' these days amounts to stuff that soon becomes trash. Thank goodness even my trash can is good design.
Planned obsolescence has to be the most successful design of all.

Artifact of Ottopia No. 45

Stephen Lauf
I Can't Stand The Sight Of Blood

Artifact of Ottopia No. 46-51 Ludwig's Crush on Damien 1-6



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