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2004.08.14 14:54
Re: that result can be an invention...
I think you are really beginning to confuse the issue here, Patrick.
A 'planned calendrical coincidence' is more or less an oxymoron.
for example
I know someone that wanted their child born on the vernal equinox, thus conception was done 9 months prior. This 'predestination' plan did not work out, however.
I was born on the vernal equinox, and my parent's wedding anniversary happens to be 9 months prior, the summer solstice. All completely coincidental.
Was my older brother then predestined to have a near fatal auto accident and lateral brain lobotomy also on the vernal equinox in the same hospital where I was born? No, but nonetheless, this calendrical coincidence did occur and thus offered me the opportunity to witness and even participate within a reenactment of my parent's anxiously driving to the hospital early in the morning on the vernal equinox.
Do I now consider my older brother also my lobotomized schizophrenic twin? I certainly can if I want to.
I'm into (playing) augury, but not predestination (because I believe completely in free will).
I like keeping an eye out for signs.

2004.08.14 15:33
silence, until it boils. great american. julia childs.
now she's going to Budapest

The Ottofest in Budapest

2004.08.15 14:36
Re: can we describe destiny, anyways?
Thanks for your opinion, and, so based, I can thus say that my utilization of calendrical coincidence as a 'leading thematic/compositional motif' of The Odds of Ottopia has nothing to do with predestination, especially since all the characters of TOOO are dead--the passing over for them has already occurred.

Artifact of Ottopia No. 70

Marcel Duchamp

Artifact of Ottopia No. 71

Stephen Lauf
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