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Artifact of Ottopia No. 53

postcard of
Otto König von Bayern
lying in state after 11 October 1916

2004.07.17 11:40
Rita Novel Reporting
Friday, July 16th
10:00 p.m.
Reenact the "Running out of the Colonial" scene. Be a part of the excitement as we run out of the Colonial and on to the street as the did 47 years ago. It's going to look just like in the movie. Post hysteria refreshments available. Dress code is creative! If you plan to attend, try to be there by 9:30.
Otto saw a clip of this event last night on Action News. The funniest over-acting he's seen in some time.
The Colonial theater of Phoenixville, PA (a Philadelphia suburb) is where The Blob was filmed.
17 July
Rubens is making final preparations before he sets out for Rome where he'll be sketching for the next two weeks--drawings/designs for the Death Do Us Part tapestries.
18 July
Constantine hasn't been to Rome since 326 AD, but this year he will participate in reenacting the closing of his Vicennalia there. Apparently, he was really impressed that finally someone modern figured out when and how Helena and Fausta died. (He's still completely tight-lipped about where the spiral columns came from though.)
In general news....
Gordon's paper for the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention is now entitled "Learning from Lacunae".
Tertullian and John the Baptist Piranesi will be conducting Vicennalia tours almost daily.
Marie Antoinette is getting a real kick out of how Martha Stewart is reenacting her these days--so Hameau Tableau. She's also wondering if 6 October will again have some significance.
Rita Novel can't make it Rome, but her cousin, Rita Spectacle aka Four Eyes aka 20-20-20-20 hindsight will be there and on duty.
Did you know that Dennis Joseph Cardinal Dougherty was on the cover of Time magazine 15 February 1937? (Wouldn't you know it? The fat cat now wants that reenacted!) I don't think Eva knows yet, but rumor has it that "God's Bricklayer" likes marriage so much he now wants a couple other wives. Apparently he's been asking if Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas are available. (Maybe Dennis can somehow become the new 'poster child' for obesity as a disease.)
Surprising auction outcome for Eva's auction catalogue.
Great Isfahan wo bist du?
ciao 4 now

Artifact of Ottopia No. 54

Time: The Weekly Newsmagazine
Philadelphia's Den[n]is Joseph Cardinal Dougherty
15 February 1937

Artifact of Ottopia No. 55

auction catalogue
The Property of Mrs. Eva R. Stotesbury
25 & 26 October 1944



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