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2004.09.24 14:05
a well designed mnemonic
Happy Birthday, Pat.
Today is not an automatic unhappy day for me. A day for strong and significant memories, yes.
[Calendrical] coincidence is not an automatic 'magical' thing for me. A strong and sometimes significant mnemonic, yes.
do you remember?
29 September, the end of reenactment season
Quite a reenactor ! ! !
Re: Quite a reenactor ! ! !
Maybe it's like a Trumbauer/Abele designed palace with life and death in each of its 366 rooms.
I'll probably never forget your birthday now.

2004.09.25 13:36
MVRDVs Serpentine
Now that's (very unscientifically) jumping to conclusions.
Also, it's Winy, not Viny.
The promenade architecturale formula is about as 'serious scientifically based' as I've seen architecture get--see the papers of the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention.
Hey Mason, I hear Le Corbusier's going to make special note of your work above.
Update: Matta-Clark's paper is now entitled "Learning from Lacunae" and Helena's paper is now to be written by herself and is entitled "Pilgrimage, Reenactment and Tourism". Duchamp/Jennewein and Eutropia/Rubens are now coordinating with each others papers.

2004.09.25 15:40
Re: technically well designed stuff
Pat asks:
would we agree a calendar, anyways, is a mnemonic tool
Steve replies:
Yes, we agree, but it wasn't until recently in my life that I too realized the calendar as such.
Is it now also true that "something new" any day is really only something new for the particular day it's new in?
Artifact of Ottopia No. 10

is now entitled My Peace of Splendor.
Received personal copy of The Twilight of Splendor (with dust jacket) in yesterday's post. The baluster from Whitemarsh Hall presently at Arbor Street

is also within the picture of The Twilight of Splendor's dust jacket.

2004.09.26 11:57
Re: technically well designed stuff
There's an artist in Manhattan outdoor advertising, wall stickering, for burning the Church of the Art Establishment.
Is that the same as burning the Synagogue of the Art Establishment?
Is that the same as burning the Mosque of the Art Establishment?
Is that the same as burning the Shrine of the Art Establishment?
Is that the same as burning the Temple of the Art Establishment?
You know the reward for clearing out the Temple, don't you? Crucifixion.
My favorite (memory of) sticker art comes from circa 1990 when stickers all over Philadelphia said "Bush is a weenie."
Saw the Ant Farm exhibit at the Philadelphia ICA last weekend. Some TVs were shattered, but hardly the Earth. They were even briefly into reenactment, and downstairs Osorio delivered almost all reenactment.
Le Corbusier died 27 August 1965.
Gordon Matta-Clark died 27 August 1978.
It was fun to see what posts were sent to design-l 27 August 2004.

Olafur Eliasson
Your Colour Memory
Arcadia University Art Gallery   Glenside   Pennsylvania   2004



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