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2004.04.28 17:01
What's going on down there?
Since Le Corbusier is spending some vacation time this summer staying at the World War II bunker at Cape May Point, I [Steven Izenour] suggested we work on a new publication together entitled "Le Corbusier Goes To Wildwood."
Le Corbusier has learned to love the idea.

2004.04.29 08:52
...the vastness of its container
Howard asks, "At which scale do we live?"
The physical 'scale' at in which I live is relatively small.
See [a quondam quondam webpage] where the plans of Hejduk's Bye House, the second floor of my house, Palladio's Villa Rotunda, and Whitemarsh Hall (the 'Versailles of America' built for Eva Stotesbury) are displayed. A good deal of my time during the day is spent within the square room to the right of the floor plan of my house. From this space emanates a virtual museum of architecture, which literally travels (close to the speed of light) all over this planet.
Like I once wrote almost twenty years ago in a square poem, "All reality is relative to the vastness of its container."
Does web browsing occur within the international space station?

2004.05.02 12:01
Re: movement generates 3d
Which has a better memory, the mind or the body?
"The spin-doctor I most believe in is the Earth itself, mainly because of the calendar of seasonal reenactment it engenders." he said jokingly.
"Are you paraphrasing from Hemingway's A Moveable Feast again?" the other quickly queried.
enter Eutropia
"Hey! Guess what! Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheims and Sigmund Freud were all at the Vatican Museum doing a double-helix love/hate thing circa 20 January 2004. They were obviously avoiding us at Mediolandum. And that reminds me how 1699 years ago at Mediolandum yesterday my husband officially became a quondam Emperor."
Where does one stop being in Mediolandum and start being in Milan?

Ichnographia Ottopia Revisited

Ichnographia Ottopia Revisited

2004.05.02 12:13
REPORTAGE- Rhythm & Gender
Re: Cremaster Cycle
by stephenlauf, 02.23.2003 11:25 am
Is it true that Barney is next going to work on a "reality TV" project? American Immunity Idol, is it? Or Quasi-Quondam Bachelor Fearlessly Stripping in Absolutely Fabulous Drag? I know, Lights, Camera, Apostacy!
In the future, all reality will be recorded by a camera, because if it isn't captured by a camera, you can kiss that reality goodbye.
Now read Matthew Barney's '1000 words' in Artforum May 2004.

2004.05.02 14:56
2 May 373
St. Athanasius died in Alexandria on May 2, 373, and his body was subsequently translated first to Constantinople and then to Venice.
In 335, at the summons of Constantine, Athanasius appeared before the Council of Tyre, where various offenses were preferred against him. As he likes to explain these days, among the offenses was his breaking the silence regarding Helena and her finding of the True Cross.
also: St. Athanasius within The Catholic Encyclopedia online.

2004.05.02 22:23
2 May 1981, etc.
Daniel Hansford died after being shot by James A. Williams in the study of Mercer House. (Was it around 10:22 PM?)
I saw Danny a few times from afar, and was in his company only once (late August 1979). He had a strange look about him, and even appeared sinisterly jealous when Billy P. and I were playing "psycho dice" much to Jim's amusement. These days I see Danny as a young dumb-blonde Napoleon.
Napoleon died 5 May 1821 on Saint Helena Island.
Jim sent me a letter 6 May 1986 telling me about his visit to the Great Pyramid in the 1960s.

2004.05.08 11:02
Re: Unintended Consequences
...if what you describe are "unintended consequences," then what are (or were) the intended consequences?
For example, does being "cowardly in testing new means and methods of design and construction" really signify an intention rather than an unintention?
Similarly, does the notion that "building is no longer where architecture occurs, but instead takes place in the realm of ideas and imagination, with the physical manifestation in photographs, models, renderings, publications, TV, talk, performance, museums, as a variety of mediated media" really signify that the intention here is to generate as much publicity as possible?
When you look at the history of any architect-designed building over the span of its 'lifetime', most of that history is a series of manifestations that, for the most part, were never intended by the architect. If this is indeed true, then I'd say that most of 'architecture' is (and always has been) a manifestation of unintended consequences. Moreover, what is deemed unintended is also mostly seen as some sort of aberration, something that "really should be fixed because that wasn't the intention."
What I find almost comical is that intentions, either good or bad, are far from resolute. Intentions change all the time.
On 6 April 2000, I ended a post (here at design-l (ironically!) entitled "ironically, I never mentioned skin") with the question: "So what then is architecture? Is it a hard, 'simple', 'natural' protective shell that engenders the continuation of life? Or is it a soft formlessness forever (re-)designing an applied shell it doesn't naturally have?"
For a few years now, my intention has been to be virtually famous because that's intentionally all I'll ever be.
Otto is extremely happy with how the papers to be delivered at the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention are coming together--an impressive roster indeed. The three latest additions are:
"The Marriage of Twisted and Columns" co-authored by Eutropia and Peter Paul Rubens.
"The Architecture of Constantine the Great" co-authored by Helena, Eutropia, Eusebius, and Ambrose.
"Here a Versailles, There a Versailles, Everywhere a Versailles" co-authored by Marie Antoinette, Ludwig II, and Lucretia "Eva" Bishop Roberts Cromwell Stotesbury Dougherty.



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