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Re: Critical Theory Clinically Dead?   1323e
2003.01.20 00:28

2004 Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheims and Sigmund Freud at the Vatican

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Re: Is this art? - Unbekannt   1661j
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Re: Is this art? - Unbekannt   1661j
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Architectural Icons
2006.01.20 12:01

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Pablo Picasso   L'aubade   1965.01.20

2003.01.20 00:28
Re: Critical Theory Clinically Dead?
I get the feeling that Bataille would well understand the difficulty of correcting "historical' mistakes, especially those that are written by respected historians. Familiarity isn't the only thing that breeds contempt.

2006.01.20 12:01
Architectural Icons

Now I get it. There's the phallic obelisk right in the center, with the testicular fountains to either side, and spread-eagle colonnades.
Maybe it's now time for the sequel to The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and in Modern Oblivion.




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