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2004.05.25 10:51
Re: Ceausescu and 'Comrade Corbu'
Franziska's reenacting bike ride of 1 January to 19 January earlier this year took her mostly through Romania along the Muresul River, north of and parallel to the Transylvanian Alps. She followed miles and miles of train tracks.

2004.05.26 09:20
Re: Ceausescu and 'Comrade Corbu'
In Franziska's 'present' state maintaining complete balance is not an issue, thus continuously rolling atop a rail avoided virtually all the bumps.
It was Franziska's youngest daughter Alicia that told her about the route. After her very early death, Alicia stayed mostly at the Baron's villa, and soon became fond of the new cook, especially her singing. Subsequent to the bombing of Harlaching, when her family then moved to Neuhaus, Alicia followed the cook to Southern Bavaria, then to the cook's home in the Batschka, and then ultimately to Bokovo. Alicia became a very hard-working guardian angel.
Alicia and Franziska were again reunited in 1983, and that's when Alicia told her mother all that she had done in the past 40 years.

2004.05.26 11:35
first major African American architect, etc.
Julian Abele
According to a post at
"Abele family oral history alleges that Eva Stotesbury attended Julian Abele's funeral held at his south Philadelphia townhouse in 1950."
Eva Stotesbury died 31 May 1946, but, as she recently told Franziska, Eva was indeed spotted by some of the family at Julian's funeral.
According to Triumph on Fairmount, Edward T. Stotesbury died 16 May 1938. This is incorrect, and this mistake has led to a string of mistakes as posted here by lauf-s. Here are the corrections:
16 May 1946 -- Eva Stotesbury has a severe heart attack.
21 May 1502 -- discovery of St. Helena Island by Portuguese.
21 May 1938 -- death of Edward T. Stotesbury; see some more calendrical coincidences.
22 May 337 -- death of Constantine the Great near Nicomedia.
30 May 1640 -- death of Pieter Pauwel Rubens
31 May 1946 -- death of Eva Stotesbury at Marisol, Palm Beach, Florida.
31 May 1951 -- death of Dennis Cardinal Dougherty 21
20 June 2004 -- marriage of Dennis Joseph Cardinal Dougherty and Lucretia "Eva" Bishop Roberts Cromwell Stotesbury (at the intersection of Rising Sun Avenue and Tabor Road, a quondam Lenni-Lenape solstice celebration site).

2004.05.26 11:50
Re: Are we at TALK BACK (God forbid) intellectuals?
God forbid I'm an intellectual.
Everytime I watch Lynch's Mulholland Drive I see it as a continuation of Buñuel's That Obscure Object of Desire.

2004.05.26 12:12
Re: artists faces within their own work
I really like Duchamp, but I like reenactment better. When it comes to reenacting, Duchamp is kinda schwar[t]z and cheezy. Mind you, I love cheese, but Sherman's reenactments are lots and lots of full course meals, and 'all you can eat' at that.
On the other hand:
Is Étant donnés Duchamp's ultimate reenactment? Does Sherman profit most from Étant donnés? Maybe Cassandra knows. Maybe Smarty Jones.
I keep on wanting to post images of the 3d computer model of the Philadelphia Museum of Art that I recently constructed, depicting the Duchamp gallery and the room of Étant donnés. Oh wait. I forgot. Duchamp and Jennewein asked for these images to illustrate thier forthcoming "Nudist Camp" paper for the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention. Tough titties, I guess.


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