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2004.06.30 18:38
Re: Tomma Abts
I posted the link to the Duchamp painting to illustrate why the DuChampion(s?) here at talkback might be liking the paintings of Abts.
As an artist, Abts is not yet as successful as Duchamp.
Can resemblance really be anything but superficial?

2004.06.30 21:02
Re: Tomma Abts
Stella distilled?
Updated Time Tunnel FX?
Make them eight times the size, add a layer of silk screening, and maybe it's what Warhol would be doing these days?
What does an Abts painting cost?

2004.06.30 21:41
Re: Tomma Abts
Different eyes is good. I mean, what isn't seen through different eyes.

2004.06.30 22:55
Modern Trajectory
Perhaps it's the line from Gordon Matta-Clark to Frank Gehry that should be more recognized.
And don't forget the line from Goldberg to Gehry.
Guess where Matta-Clark hangs out these days.

Artifact of Ottopia No. 2

Giovanni Battista Piranesi
Sepulchrum Mariae Honorij Imp. Uxoris, Stiliconis filiae
Sarcophagus of Maria, the wife of Emperor Honoris and the daughter of Stilico
probably post-1810 printing from 1762 copper plate
2002.01.19 11:46
Re: lack of life excerpt
On 4 December 1519, the sarcophagus of Maria was discovered (very likely while the old basilica was being demolished to make way for the new/present one). The sarcophagus of Maria may well be the last substantial imperial artifact of (the city of) Rome, and after an illustrious title page and a frontispiece, it is an image of the sarcophagus of Maria that Piranesi uses to begin his Campo Marzio publication. In a most elegantly covert way, Piranesi began the 'history' of the Campo Marzio with what is really it's ending, and what is probably the world's greatest designed architectural inversionary double theater goes on from there.

Artifact of Ottopia No. 3

J. & M. L. Fattorusso
Rome Eternally Beautiful
The Monuments of Antiquity, the Churches, the Palaces, the Treasures of Art

equinoctial augury excerpt
I receive a package in the mail which contains one of the several books I've lately been successfully bidding on at eBay. The book is Wonders of Italy, Rome, Eternally Beautiful, a dense little guide book from 1937 with 1045 illustrations and lots of interesting facts; I'm very happy with this purchase.

detail of page 548 of Rome Eternally Beautiful.
So the remains of the only Papal Englishman now lie within the quondam (i.e., correctly late fourth century) sarcophagus Maria. As you might well imagine, Maria and Otto often have Nicholas Breakspeare over for dinner. Otto calls Maria's matchmaking efforts The Breakspearean Plays.

Artifact of Ottopia No. 4
Maximilian Ahren
Das Weib in der Antiken Kunst
Woman in Antique Art

detail of page 311
Sogenannt Heilege Helena
So-called Saint Helena
2004.02.20 13:35
getting one's symbolic bearing excerpt
I myself recently learned that Helena and Aelia Flaccilla shared an almost identical physical appearance.

Artifact of Ottopia No. 5

Aelia Flaccilla
[first] Wife of Theodosius the Great
image: René Seindal 2002.06.30
This is the quondam So-called Saint Helena still at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Unfortunately the new labeling of this piece is incorrect for this is indeed a portrait of Flavia Julia Helena Augusta.



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