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2004.06.13 16:39
Re: Art Basel a good place for finding a gallery?
And speaking of Kings, thanks to the chancy little reenactment 'good bye' game I/we now know that Ludwig II of Bavaria died at 8:21pm 118 years ago today.

2004.06.14 08:30
Re: abandoned places
I mentioned Friend's Hospital before, which is not 'Byberry'. Although also on the Roosevelt Blvd. (many miles north of where Friends Hospital is), Byberry was a mid 20th century institution, with many buildings and covering many, many acres. Byberry was shut down sometime in the 1970s I think. It closed when the laws regarding the rights of the mentally ill changed--essentially the place was outlawed.

2004.06.14 12:08
Re: bad behaviorism...
I don't know the specifics, but places like Byberry were deemed 'illegal' because people were being kept there against their US Constitution given rights. The entire field of mental health care in the US changed sometime in the 1970s. Essentially, no mentally ill person could be committed for life anymore without legally sanctioned commitment (which became an arduous undertaking) or voluntary commitment.
Between 1976 and 1995, I was very knowledgeable of how the US mental health system operated . Right now I find I'm not remembering all that I used to know. I think I gladly forgot a lot of it. Thank God for Risperdal.

2004.06.14 16:15
misuse of screen name at srtforum/talkback
The person answering the phone at Artforum gave me your email address.
My screen name 'stephenlauf' has been maliciously used by another party at artforum/talkback yesterday and today. The same 'identity thief' is using the screen names of other regular posters at talkback as well.
Since I use my real name when posting at talkback, and since it is the only name I use, I have always felt that I thus take full responsibility for whatever I post. That someone else is now also using my name, and maliciously so, is disconcerting to say the least. I primarily want Artforum to be aware of this situation, and if there is anything you can do to stop this fraudulent activity, I would most appreciate it.
Please respond to this email to at least let me know that Artforum is now at least aware of the situation. If you would like more specific information, I can be reached at 215-xxx-yyyy.
Steve Lauf

2004.06.14 21:58
misuse of screen name at srtforum/talkback
Elizabeth, go ahead and block username 'stephenlauf'. If things get cleared up I will like the name then restored, or, as you suggest, I'll register a new name.
According to the 'identity thief' it's not a matter of using passwords, if that can be believed. Anyway, if my name is blocked and it still shows up (I'll keep watch), then you'll know some other method is used. Just give me notice when 'stephenlauf' is blocked.
Steve Lauf

2004.06.14 22:06
the fraudulent posts
All of the following posts are within the 'Art Basel a good place for finding a gallery?' thread, and were not posted by me. Thanks again.
I have had a vision
by stephenlauf, 06.13.04 02:11 pm
while masturbating 2 Piranisi (not his real name) a vision of Duchance came 2 me 2. I now c the divine wisdom and only wish the master would reveal herself 2 me so that I may be touched in everlasting vaginal bliss, oh golden bearer of golden labials.
If only that silly negative curator
by stephenlauf, 06.13.04 02:13 pm
could c his evil ways and amend his path of destruction so that he may receive divine guidance in the Holy Grail.
U R so right
by stephenlauf, 06.13.04 04:55 pm
I would have blown you out of the water. Anyway, your childish pranks have it looks like forced artforum to shut this site down, judging by the diminishing recent postings. Way to go duchildish.
Don't believe her,
by stephenlauf, 06.13.04 04:57 pm
I'm the REAL stephenlauf. Only I know what I know! Die imposter.
Please stephie
by stephenlauf, 06.14.04 01:37 pm
Look, i use many computers, now keep it up and I will go 2 some satellite here @ this university i'm doing a visiting artist@, get me a tecnguru from the computer center, basically faculty slaves, and have them encrypt your files so badly your hard drive won't b worth more than a door stop. Is that illegal 2 DU?

2004.06.14 22:21
Re: misuse of screen name at artforum/talkback
Thanks for the good news. Go ahead and delete the fraudulent posts that I just sent you. That might just send a message to the impostor. Also, is it possible be me to chance the current password for 'stephenlauf'?
you wrote:
hello again, I was just emailing you. our programmer just informed me that he believes he has found and fixed the problem, so it should not be necessary to block your username after all. if you would like us to delete the false postings from talk back, please let me know which/where they are. and please also let me know of course if there are any future problems of this sort.

Gordon Matta-Clark
dies 27 August 1978; married Jane Crawford May 1978; twin brother Batan commits suicide (by jumping out Gordons studio window) 14 July 1976. 1943 Gordon Robert Echaurren and John Sebastian Matta are born in New York on June 22 as sons of Anne Clark and the Surrealist painter Roberto Clark. Anne Clark Matta and Roberto Matta separate and divorce a few months after the birth of their twin sons.

2004.06.15 08:13
cloning architecture - a global search
Which came first, the Great Stupa of India or the tomb of Augustus in Rome?
Both are very similar and both are from the first century BC.
Seutonius mentions a delegation from India at Rome during the reign of Augustus.
Reenactionary Architecturism has a long history. 'Cloning' is only one of its more recent chapters.
Saint Catherine de Ricci and Louis I. Kahn are presenting 'Reenactionary Bilocating Architecturism' at the forthcoming Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention.
Saint Helena will deliver 'Pilgrimage, Reenactment and Tourism'.

2004.06.15 10:01
Re: bad behaviorism...
I have long known of the plight of the mentally ill in this country. Perhaps you can now better understand why I have forsaken my career as a real architect, ie, to make sure my brother Otto is always taken care of at home.

2004.06.15 13:24
cloning architecture - a global search
Libeskind does a good enough job himself of reenacting his own architecture.
I'm only virtually an architect, so maybe I'm just virtually hypocritical.
My visceral knowledge of reenactment began on my birthday just over 24 years ago when I witnessed a reenactment of my own birth. Uncanny to say the least, just like Ludwig I of Bavaria witnessed a reenactment of his birth on his birthday in 1845.
I think everyone should just go write their own book(s).
"Here a Versailles, there a Versailles, everywhere a Versailles, sigh"

2004.06.16 05:53
cloning architecture - a global search
I too was thinking of McMansions last night. Swarms of clones sprawling over the US suburban landscape. But notice too what these homes try so hard to reenact, essentially the 'lifestyle' of very wealthy people from quondam times.
Picking up on Helsinki's last sentence, it's interesting that the German word Schloß means 1. castle, palace; chateau, manor-house   2. lock.
On the Campo Marzio issue, I've (already) compiled a bibliography of architectural literature on Piranesi's large plan. Briefly, before Tafuri there is Fasolo in 1956 (who Tafuri in places reiterates, but he did not note any of the 1956 mistakes), and Scully on Kahn in 1962. Tafuri's Architecture and Utopia was first published in Italian in 1973, and his The Sphere and the Labyrinth was first published in Italian in 1980. Since 1980, most architectural writers have sprouted off the Tafuri branch, and there is only one architectural writer who, in 1981, began to sprout off Kahn's branch of investigation entwined with reenactment.

2004.06.16 08:50
cloning architecture - a global search
The core essence of theming (theme-ing) is again reenactment.
degrees of separation limits:
as close as one can get to the original
as far as one can stretch the truth

2004.06.16 11:51
cloning architecture - a global search
O the many letter on 'reenactionary architecturism' since 1999 within the online archives of the design-l and architecthetics list serves. Prior treatment of almost all the about subjects is found in these places. There were also many reenactment letters in the now defunct Archipol archive at, and these are now in's collection.
O to St. Helena and Eutropia, the great architects of the Christian Jerusalem and the Christian Holy Land. [Six of the pink columns picked by Helena are still at the Church of the Nativity. What's left of Helena's palace in Rome is now Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, the first Calvary reenactment.
And O to the many subsequent Roman Empresses that reenacted Helena's and Eutropia's holy church architecture both east and west.

2004.06.16 12:00
dotting the Landscape of Ottopia
Friends Hospital
the now demolished Friedenberg Building of Einstein Hospital
Belmont Rehab
substantial portions of the two original Louis I. Kahn buildings remain
Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute
the sixth floor psyche ward of the quondam Metropolitan Hospital on Franklin Square

2004.06.16 13:14
Rising Sun and Tabor
I like how Mount Tabor in the Holy Land is where the Transfiguration took place.
The intersection of Rising Sun and Tabor then marks the crossing of a nicely named inversionary cardo and decumanus.
Rising Sun Avenue is an old Lenni-Lenape trail. It starts as an offshoot of Germantown Avenue, which is also originally an 'Indian' trail that begins in what became Northern Liberties--Penn's 'working title' for Philadelphia was Liberties.
The intersection of Rising Sun Avenue and Tabor Road is right on a high outlook point, indeed the destination of the Lenni-Lenapi trail. Their camp at the mouth of Rock Run on Tacony Creek, just down in the valley, primarily farmed and took care of the many honored burial sites of Rock Run Valley [which in the 1990s some locals referred to as Voodoo Valley; many Haitians now inhabit the valley].
Tabor Road was first 'planned' under King George III in 1776 as the link between Germantown in the west and Trinity Church in the east. The first time I tested this entire route from east to west, I was going to the annual reenactment of the Battle of Germantown at Clivden a couple years ago. The route is (I don't know like) 8 miles and remarkably direct.
The Rock Run camp at Tekene was always very busy right before the summer solstice, because that's when "the" outlook point was the destination for many, many Ur-Philadelphians.
Apparently, the weavers of the Great Isfahan have lately taken up special acrobatic lessons, and now a whole elaborate arrival show is about to happen.

2004.06.16 15:14
The Artifacts of Ottopia
Otto is ever the collector of many things that will from time to time have a price tag or an opening bid. He's presently going through the stamp collection constructing a kind of 'Architecture of Postagelessism'. And then there's also those staggering amounts of ephemera with heaps of true schizophrenic writing all over them. And that art collection! My goodness that art collection!

Artifacts of Ottopia
There are many items indeed, such as the Williams’ jail letters, Rosenthal china, Altötting viewmaster TV, stamps from Bavaria, the latest Piranesi prints (John the Baptist), O and S ephemera, old and new collages, architecture prints.
...compose new collages, compose new “rare” books in three ring binders and with plexiglas covers.

museumpeace coloring books
These are composed of cad art outlines, scans from the Denkmal plates, sculpture scans(?), and even the Schinkel plates.

continued writing work on The Odds of Ottopia
Einstein attends the Dougherty/Stotesbury wedding and the next day does an architectural tour with Otto and Kahn--Einstein Hospital, Belmont, Ahavath, Oser, Beth Sholom. I’m not sure where or if Frank Lloyd Wright fits into the scheme of the novel.
There may be a couple of “scenes” in the novel with Gordon (and friends sometimes) at Home Depot. I suppose Gordon supplies the "history" surrounding the world’s largest building implosion of the 20th century.
Compile material/dates regarding Leni Riefenstahl. She is going to capture/record a lot of Reenactment Season 2004.
Perhaps all the Rita Novel posts at archinect focus on/relate somehow to The Odds of Ottopia (TOOO).
Material for TOOO will also come out of the copy relating to each artifact of Ottopia.
Remember the weddings O and S already attended in 2004.
Otto's watching The Driver’s Seat; one of the gang’s favorite movies; the whole crazy death wish. Otto loves watching it with Warhol.
Note the addition of Helena’s paper “Pilgrimage, Reenactment and Tourism” for THTAFCC.

the Campo Marzio bibliography John the Baptist Piranesi. This is a perfect “artifact” whereby “John the Baptist” is introduced to the world at large. The final "text" will comprise commentary and quotations. This is indeed where all the mistakes are called out.



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