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publishing Quondam drawings and texts
Many Ichnographia Quondam (with "novel" text on the other side).
Many Ichnographia Ottopia (also with "novel" text on the other side.

the many volumes of Reenactionary Architecturism
These volumes may wel be the collected works of Ludwig Too, or is it Ludwig Otto.

the fallout of identity theft at talkback
So far, it hasnít hurt me one iota that I am not now posting at talkback. In fact, the whole "theater" appears to be centered around me, and I may write about that at design-l. Overall, I now seem to be better off for it because it has kind of indirectly forced me to focus more of my attention towards my Ottopian goals, which already show signs of "profitting" from the shift in attention.
In a strange way, my absence from talkback really reinforces my presence elsewhere, and I'm now watched more than ever.
The timing of Ludwig's death/suicide was the best outcome of the whole episode on Sunday.
Right now I seriously wonder if I will ever again post at talkback. It doesnít seem at all worth it anymore.

2004.06.19 13:02
Artifact of Ottopia No. 1
photocopies of letter and two enclosures written by Jim Williams while in Savannah jail January 9, 1984.

Indications of irony in last sentence of third paragraph: "This place is almost as bad as being in jail."

The fourth and fifth paragraphs contain very disturbing racist sentiments. The first sentence of the fourth paragraph is, "My little pocket radio is presently furnishing classical music through a pair of earphones, it keeps me from having to listen to the negro Jefferson's program." It gets much worse from there.

The sixth paragraph is about the "racing along" of Waterline, the novel William's was writing while in jail.

The seventh paragraph explains the two attachments--"two prose-poems".

In late 1999, Williams 'arranged' for Otto's receiving copies of 9 (of the 40 odd) letters William's had written to L. while in Savannah jail. Maria is currently working on an analytical exposition of the 9 letters--Waterline Plus Ultra or The Best and Worst of Midnight Gardening are the possible working titles so far. Ludwig is going to utilize the letters as fodder for some collage ideas he's had lately.

2004.06.19 13:39
Ludwig, Leni and the Lenni-Lenape
Ludwig first met Leni 8 September 2003. This meeting wouldn't have happened, however, if Leni hadn't died in a town on Starnberger See, the lake within which Ludwig himself drowned.
Leni sure enjoyed Africa in "her time", but, like they say, "life" goes on, so, ever since yesterday when she ventured up Rising Sun Avenue from Germantown Avenue to Rock Run Valley, a new photo project--A Quondam Lenni-Lenape Land--is in the works.
Philadelphia's Old York Road is also a Lenni-Lenape trail, and it shoots off Germantown Avenue and the same place that Rising Sun Avenue shoots off Germantown.
Leni's new assistants are Chief Tamane, Heinrich Frey and Josef Plattenbach.

2004.06.20 08:27
single all-time favourite motion picture scene
I like all the scenes of symmetry in The Ruling Class--the best movie utilizing schizophrenia ever?
Liz Taylor on the phone with shampoo in her hair in Butterfield 8.
(sounding like she just took a crap and then realized there's no toilet paper) Liz Taylor (from off-screen) in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? yelling, "Hey! Heeeey! Where the hell is everybody?"
Liz Taylor putting on eye makeup in The Driver's Seat--definitely the Ur-Linda Richards as portrayed years later by Mike Myers.
Liz Taylor playing an actrees reenacting a quondam part she played, this time used as an alibi in response to the detective investigating her husband's murder in The Mirror Cracked, followed by the shock when the detective names the movie within which the just reenacted scene first occurred.

20 June
2004 8:57 pm summer solstice
2004 marriage of Dennis and Eva

2004.06.21 18:13
Alarm Clock?
There used to be this bird outside my bedroom window that sounded just like my alarm clock.

2004.06.24 11:22
CAD models and artists
prep work for "Nudist Camp at the Philadelphia Museum of Art"

2004.06.24 16:18
a pair of Euphrates cats
The Great Isfahan flew the happy newlyweds directly to Baghdad after the solstice. They're spending the honeymoon as a pair of Euphrates cats-the Baron and Baroness Meow.

2004.06.27 09:09
Re: Helen Lundeberg
Wasn't The Passenger just an odd vehicle for Maria Schneider? Did love that long scene of nothing but a big crack on the wall though.
It's funny, I saw The Passenger minutes after Last Tango in Paris ended. It was like Maria walked out of one movie and into another.
Film as vehicle, kind of like flying carpets.

2004.06.30 13:56
Re: David Rimanelli on giving his class homework
I'm putting together a syllabus for The Art of Exploitation ó the latest course of my life.
It's all about how something obscure (like me and my ideas) becomes this object of exploitation. Exploitation is here mostly a love/hate thing.
Next semester: The Influence of the Art of Exploitation
Summer school: Decadence, Editorship, and Artforum

2004.06.30 14:47
Re: David Rimanelli on giving his class homework
follow the money
students pay tuition
Rimanelli gets paid a couple saleries
advertisers pay Artforum for space in a magazine
Attribution is worth its weight in gold, I'm sure.
Remembering the hey-day of hotgradstudent, priceless!

2004.06.30 15:15
Re: David Rimanelli on giving his class homework
Don't tell anybody (especially students), but these days I don't even get out of bed in the morning unless it's for the sake of my amusement.

2004.06.30 15:22
Re: A Time for Chinese Architects . . .
Did you know pass I by The Great Wall twice every time I go on my bike-loop. You know, it's that long-standing Chinese restaurant on the Roosevelt Blvd. just down the street from the world's largest (planned) building implosion site. It might just be the oldest still operating Chinese restaurant in Philadelphia. Well, with a name like that, how could it ever close?
Leni just finished her latest survey, and one of its findings is that no Lenni-Lenape was ever inclined to hire a European architect to design a building for their quondam land. Nor do any of them prefer the name 'America', but don't tell anybody that.

2004.06.30 18:38
Re: Tomma Abts



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