30 June


Re: David Rimanelli on giving his class homework
2004.06.30 13:56   1422r
2004.06.30 14:47   1422r
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Re: A Time for Chinese Architects . . .   1422r
2004.06.30 15:22

Re: Tomma Abts
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Modern Trajectory   1422s
2004.06.30 22:55

Artifacts of Ottopia No. 2   1422s
Artifacts of Ottopia No. 3   1422s
Artifacts of Ottopia No. 4   1422s

zero five nine   3234g
zero six zero   3234h

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2004.06.30 13:56
Re: David Rimanelli on giving his class homework
I'm putting together a syllabus for The Art of Exploitation—the latest course of my life.
It's all about how something obscure (like me and my ideas) becomes this object of exploitation. Exploitation is here mostly a love/hate thing.
Next semester: The Influence of the Art of Exploitation.
Summer school: Decadence, Editorship, and Artforum.

2004.06.30 15:15
Re: David Rimanelli on giving his class homework
Don't tell anybody (especially students), but these days I don't even get out of bed in the morning unless it's for the sake of my amusement.

2004.06.30 18:38
Re: Tomma Abts

2004.06.30 20:01
Re: Tomma Abts
Can resemblance really be anything but superficial?

2004.06.30 21:02
Re: Tomma Abts
Stella distilled?
Updated Time Tunnel FX?
Make them eight times the size, add a layer of silk screening, and maybe it's what Warhol would be doing these days?
What does an Abts painting cost?

2017.06.30 14:31




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