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1978 death of C. Paul Jennewein

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2017.02.23 16:08

Feeling confident that our earliest form was that of some sort of shell creature, I arrived at the hypothesis that the gene in our DNA that signals the production of our nails is also the oldest gene in our DNA. If our nail genes are not the oldest, they would only be preceded by our skin genes or our hair genes. Either skin, hair or nails come first with the other automatically following. It may also just be a matter of both the nail and the skin being first. The next oldest genes would be those of blood and blood vessels, nerves and nerve endings, muscles, tendons and bone structure.
I speculate that it may be very useful to know the relative age of individual genes when trying to break the overall genetic code.
I further speculate that the breaking of our genetic code will play an important part in the coming circle/square juncture (c. 2190 A.D.). Relative to my recent working out of the dates and historical occurrences to the positioning of the navel (i.e. positioned at the top by the circle/square juncture and at the bottom by the golden section), and seeing how events such as C. Columbus' confirmation that the world was round, and then 50 years later having N. Copernicus finalize his notes on the heliocentric theory both represent a global and cosmic shift in our developing realization of truth. I see genetics and the breaking of our (and perhaps all) genetic code(s) to be the next big shift in our developing realization of truth. This advance in the Timepiece story puts greater emphasis and weight on our present time. We are now at a point where we are closer to the next circle/square juncture then we are to the last one (the Renaissance). As has already been discussed, the next circle/square juncture is when assimilation ultimately leaves the picture and an era of pure metabolism takes over. Assimilation being over is directly related to the breaking of the genetic code --we will have absorbed all there is to know about ourselves genetically. It is then further significant that exactly when we break the code is also exactly when an era of pure metabolism begins. The destructive and constructive nature (duality) of metabolism, as well as, its inherent plurality, is exactly the process of action and imagination necessary to compliment the ultimate genetic breakthrough.
This is helping me tremendously in terms of giving me a very full, precise and concise picture of our present time and our immediate future. It also provides a real key to the true workings of the Timepiece itself.

2003.02.23 11:25
Re: Cremaster Cycle
Is it true that Barney is next going to work on a "reality TV" project? American Immunity Idol, is it? Or Quasi-Quondam Bachelor Fearlessly Stripping In Absolutely Fabulous Drag? I know, Lights, Camera, Apostasy!
In the future, all reality will be recorded by a camera, because if it isn't captured by a camera, you can kiss that reality goodbye.

2003.02.23 16:22
succinct confession of doubt granted
You should read about the Christian saints whose feasts coincide with Apostate Architecture Day, 20 February.
Ss. Tyrannio, Zenobius and Other Martyrs (A.D. 304 and 310) It's the Other Martyrs that are most interesting. According the Eusebius' eyewitness account, the wild beasts that these martyrs were fed to couldn't come near them. Looked like Divine intervention. Eusebius said so. He is a good historian, and good writer, and author of the only original (architectural) description of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher that we today have. I believe him.
St. Sadoth, Bishop of Seleucia-Ctesiphon, Martyr (c. A.D. 342) Those early Christians in Persia were asked to give succinct confession of doubt as well.
St. Eleutherius, Bishop of Tournai (A.D. 532) All the records pertaining to his life burned in the great fire that destroyed Tournai Cathedral in 1092. Today they say you should doubt that he raised the Governor's daughter from the dead. Of course, the legend tells us the young girl died because Eleutherius, as young bishop, did not return her affections. "How do you mend a broken heart?" indeed. You gotta love this guy's name!
St. Eucherius, Bishop of Orleans (A.D. 743) A localized reenactment of the reluctant-Moses-syndrome.
St. Wulfric (A.D. 1154) "...it seems that it was for prophecy more than anything else that he was famous." I like the part about King Henry I and King Stephen being among Wulfric's visitors.
Bd. Elizabeth of Mantua, Virgin (A.D. 1468) "She is said to have prophesied her own death a year before it happened." "Extraordinary crowds attended her funeral."

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