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2003.09.16 18:15
"your trash is our cash"
"In the future, everyone will be in the spotlight."

2003.09.16 18:57
what a place for a peace treaty

"Pass the [museum]peace pipe."
Siamese twins dancing:
disco dis way and disco dat way
Going broke:

Really going broke:

Meanwhile, feeding the pigs:

"You mean you didn't hear about his sneaking into the Pope's chair?"
Bombastic peace be with you.

2003.09.17 17:32
I bet a lot of artists think I'm the biggest ass there is.
kisses, kisses, kisses
It's not illegal to advertise freely, is it?

2003.09.22 14:00
Re: "All reality is relative to the vastness of its container" Stephen Lauf
If the shoe fits, the foot if forgotten.
If the belt fits, the belly is forgotten
--Lao Tzu

2003.09.22 14:32
"Is there anything which is not ultimately useless?"
"Ultimately, I will have gone through life fooling myself into believing that others are convinced that I am not fooling myself."

2003.09.24 02:27
Poll for Writers
Boy Meets World meets Lost in Space--kind of like déjà vu meets soup du jour the next day.
Soap meets Seahunt
Taxi meets The A Team in The Streets of San Francisco
Perry Mason meets Ali McBeal (in the Ballroom with the lead pipe)
Bonanza meets Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
All in the Family meets Dark Shadows
That Girl meets The Waltons

2003.09.24 11:04
Re: Core Samples
curators everywhere--
but I prefer MTV ESPANOL
Polska as lingua franca
ever since someone left the cake out in the rain

2003.09.25 18:38
Re: self destructive art scene
The "web" is just one more medium that artists (can now) utilize to manifest their (art)work.
Since the 'web' is a globally connecting network, it is a very powerful medium for artists.
The possibilities are indeed numerous, where artists can utilize the 'web' to display their work, explain their work, sell their work, catalogue their work, and even make their use of the 'web' a work itself.
Regardless of how artists use the Internet, however, the web remains an enormous publishing vehicle, and is further evolving into what will be virtually identical to a broadcasting vehicle.
Personally, I look forward to the day when many artists will essentially have their own channel.

2003.10.03 10:10
Spectacular Silence
I live in a very quiet place, and I love it--although it was hardy quiet this past summer with basketball being played at least 18 hours a day almost right in front of my house. Hurricane Isabel knocked down the basket, and the teacher's strike ended, so it's real quite (during most of the day) again. The basketball playing wasn't all bad, except at seven in the morning and 3 o'clock at night, and I prefer hearing my new next door neighbor who's blind and plays the horn.
Quiet's cool because it actually lets you hear noise from far away, albeit quietly. Whenever I hear the freight train that's a half mile away, that means it's about to rain. Lunchtime out front offers the happy cacophony of many children in a school yard, reverberating from on top of the other side of the valley. Hearing the constant flow of the Roosevelt Boulevard (US Rt. 1, twelve lanes of traffic also on top of the other side of the valley) at night when the windows are open really puts you to sleep.
Quiet's spectacular precisely because of the things it lets you hear otherwise.

2003.10.03 11:51
Re: paper
Here are questions I would ask:
In what ways has Modernism become a tradition? And in what ways hasn't Modernism become a tradition?

2003.10.03 15:42
art imitates [what a] life
During the summer of 1979, I worked in Savannah, Georgia for H.A.B.S, the Historic American Building Survey. As part of a team of hired architecture students, I measured and drew the plans of many homes within Savannah's Victorian District, which was then a somewhat decrepit neighborhood of Victorian homes, rentals populated by mostly poor African-Americans. After our survey (which most times meant going through occupied residences), the homes were to be renovated (with Federal money; remember Carter was then President), but the population was not to be displaced, rather moved into another renovated home (that is until the Federal subsidies were no longer available).
One of the last houses on my to do list was a twin with four living units. Permission to get into all but one upstairs unit was easy; a wife was always home in this last unit, but the husband would only allow us (me and another student) in if he was there to. Finally, one day after he got home from work, we were let in. I didn't really like the looks the husband and wife were giving us, but you kind of got used to that after spending a summer walking through every inch of other's people's habitats. We started in the back of the unit and worked forward, and then we got a shock when we entered the living room, where he was sitting on the floor while she picked dirt out of his hair; the Flintstones was on TV. On the floor around the entire perimeter of the room were pretty nasty porn magazines laid neatly side by side; around the perimeter of the room is exactly where we had to go to take measurements. Job accomplished, albeit on tip toe. The next room, in front of the stair hall (what used to be called the trunk room because that's where Victorians kept their trunks) was full of a rather extensive collection of rifles. I took one look and said to my partner, "The rest of this place has exactly the same measurements as the unit next door."
"Bye. We're done now. We'll let ourselves out."

2003.10.05 18:22
Hey, Art Picasso How's Your Brother Dick? (1983)
2=odd, Dick (1984)
The Final Dick Manifesto (1984-86)
Teacher's Pet in Paris (1984-91)

2003.10.06 14:28
Re: Jason Rhoades
...sperm - n - egg are dancin'     that's why horse is prancin'...
excerpt from "The sound of your negative reminds me of purple you steak" (perhaps the first and only poem with a flip side) within 2=odd, Dick.

2003.10.06 18:30
Holy Holy Holy
Holy synchronized swimming Batman! She be synchin'.

2003.10.06 18:42
Re: New Shows in NYC
Seeing Greenbaum online, it's the nice use of white and the funky 3D compositions without shadows that I like. Reminds me a lot of what I often see on my computer screen (since 1983) when I'm playing with 3D CAD.



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