25 September

1506 death of Philippe le Beau

1983.09.25     2270m

she was afraid of this since a long time
1983.09.25     2270n

Square Poem 19   3356j


I was doing Stella, frankly   8567

Re: The Large Glass   1072n   4580b
2002.09.25 07:15

Re: self destructive art scene   1324m
2003.09.25 18:38

My Peace of Splendor   1424

MVRDVs Serpentine   1424   4580f
2004.09.25 13:36

Re: technically well designed stuff   1424
2004.09.25 15:40

Mary Boone's 180 hours of community service
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Re: The Large Glass
2002.09.25 07:15

I have over 40 digital images of The Large Glass (in full and in detail) in situ at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The images were taken at various times since February 1999. Since all the contemporary art galleries of the PMA were renovated winter/spring 2000, I also have The Large Glass in two different immediate "contexts". There is even one fortuitous shot of two real "bachelors" standing behind and seen through the glass.

Re: self destructive art scene
2003.09.25 18:38

The "web" is just one more medium that artists (can now) utilize to manifest their (art)work.

Since the 'web' is a globally connecting network, it is a very powerful medium for artists.

The possibilities are indeed numerous, where artists can utilize the 'web' to display their work, explain their work, sell their work, catalogue their work, and even make their use of the 'web' a work itself.

Regardless of how artists use the Internet, however, the web remains an enormous publishing vehicle, and is further evolving into what will be virtually identical to a broadcasting vehicle.

Personally, I look forward to the day when many artists will essentially have their own channel.




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