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2003.11.04 15:49
Re: artist's statements requested that the items I inserted at eBay on Sunday be removed on grounds (according to eBay) "that the listing or the item itself infringes their copyright, trademark, or other rights." The listings have been removed, but you can still see the images at:
All these items were listed as Cremaster reproductions, which they are, but the fact that they are reproductions clipped from various issues of Artforum magazine probably should have been included within the item description. [Is it copyright infringement to sell images cut out of a magazine? Most of the time no. For example, Absolut ads are often sold as collector items.] Anyway, I sent an email to asking them to request the removal of one 'Cremaster' item that was mistakenly(?) not removed, just so there is no possibility of me being further implicated. I also told 'info' that the reproductions will be henceforth artistically altered ("just as Barney does himself with Raiders imagery") and again inserted for auction at eBay--birth of an apposing Cremaster series.
I like having the opportunity to make these types of (artist's) statements.

2003.11.04 16:14
I'll second that emotion
What comes after making a fashion statement?
Just more statements, I suppose.

2003.11.05 11:08
Re: artist's statements?
Wouldn't it be very ironic for a true individual to want more true individuals?

Lauf's Forbidden Cremaster Collection

Little Jeff Cocoons   with Readymade in Japan with Laser Print on Transparency



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