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2003.10.29 14:48
Re: feminist [hygiene] art?

cracks apposing plastic wrap

the perfect pinch

2003.10.29 16:49
Re: The Andy Warhol Authentication Board
...thanks for the encouragement. I like the series too, but it's kind of funny how it's easy to do once I got the idea and saw the first results. This is slightly disturbing because the "ho hum" stuff usually takes a lot more time and effort (and even more thinking).
"I don't so much like his real stuff, but the stuff that really doesn't exist is his best work yet."
Not exactly how I pictured success.

2003.10.30 11:52
Virtual Museum follow-up
Received Artforum November 2003 in the mail yesterday, and Art in America November 2003 today. Each magazine notes the move of curator Ann Temkin from the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) to MoMA. I have never met Ann Temkin, but it is very likely her curatorial work that I have often photographed within the PMA's Modern and Contemporary Art galleries, many images of which were subsequently incorporated into the Vitual Museum series. I have always admired how the PMA periodically/continually changes the installation of its large and smaller Contemporary Art gallery (making good use of the Museum's holdings which far surpass the public display space available), and, this too, may indicate Temkin's (nice) work.
The cover of Art in America is spooky (tomorrow is Halloween isn't it?)--very kaleidoscopic symmetry.

2003.10.30 12:19
Re: feminist art
I (think I) agree with Ethnic Type in that there should be a (wider? broader?) awareness of feminist art(ists and issues), and not seen as just another (pigeon-hole) category. (I may be completely off base here, but) I like detecting "feminist art" in some of the women I know or meet, young women in college, professionals (fellow architects in a hard male bastion), mothers (with breast cancer) and divorcees, and my own mother, a real toughie who I've seen stand up to (and overpower) many an interfering male. On my own block at home there are several single parent women that work hard for their family (mostly made up of boys) and themselves. A real diverse group, but what they have in common is that their "art" is almost always something that I (as a man) could never do myself.

2003.10.30 14:28
Re: feminist art
Duchamp, maybe he's very influential bachelor art; Cornell, maybe he's very influential closet case art.



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