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2003.10.17 11:32
Drugs R Us
The present project is the construction of a 3D computer model of the censored part of Étant donnés, i.e., the room accessible by the back door via "2 KEY". This virtual construction is within the larger context of the 3D computer model of Center City Philadelphia in Quondam's collection.
It is written that only one person at a time can look at Étant donnés. This assertion was tested 25 July 2001 by myself and my then assistant. I looked through the left peephole with my right eye and the assistant looked through the the right peephole with her left eye, and we saw Étant donnés simultaneously.
Is any of Rhoades' show in braille?
"What did the blind man say when he pet the pussy?"
Remember, always pant when you say panty.

2003.10.21 13:06
Re: human apparent asymmetry
What's interesting about the double organs of the kidneys and the lungs is that both organs carry out a lot of osmosis, thus it might just be that the design of these organs reflect the balancing operation that they largely perform.
osmosis : diffusion of fluid through a semipermeable membrane from a solution with a low solute concentration to a solution with a higher solute concentration until there is an equal concentration of fluid on both sides of the membrane.

2003.10.21 13:25
Re: curved space
Kaleidoscopic symmetry perfectly describes almost all of the Virtual Museum series.
Kaleidoscopic symmetry also perfectly describes much of Baroque architecture and design--Guarini and Bavarian Baroque especially come to mind.
Kaleidoscopic Lacunae, a book executed in about three hours by myself and Anna D. July 2001, is entirely an exercise in asymmetry, albeit kaleidoscopic. For almost two weeks now, I've been formulating a new series of artist books entitled Architecture Not Now!--kind of like 'architecture scrap book' meets "Learning From Kaleidoscopic Lacunae".

2003.10.21 14:28
artist's statement about his least proficient art
Basically a curatorial exercise giving the stupid stuff that I haven't actually thrown away or destroyed a chance at having an audience, or at least making it more visible.

2003.10.21 20:58
Re: this is art?
Perhaps Londoners are just eager to see more sunshine than they are used to.

2003.10.23 14:47
Stan Allen tonight
My goal is in fact to bring on harrassment and a terrible reputation, as well as to be the greatest blow hard, pompous ass of archinect. I did not expect such success while utilizing less than one percent of my potential, however.
This is fun. I truly enjoy it.
Here, bite on this:
The notion of casting Duchamp in the nude might be all that is needed to ensure success, with occasional slips into drag, of course. And that line, "Oddly enough, the crack of my ass is a ready-made" gets the audience howling every time. ["Don't tell me. I noticed it too. Something sphinx in here again."]
Then is there the competing notion of an enormous Duchamp dream of a chess game with the opponent unknown, yet all the pieces are actual personalities. For example, Duchamp's Queen is Michelangelo and Duchamp's King is Rrose Selavy, while the opponent's Queen is Elizabeth II and the opponent's King is Michelangelo. [One has to wonder if playing with a real Queen has its advantages.] As usual, one of Duchamp's Bishops is Pope St. Celestine V, the one that "was unfitted for the papal office in every respect except his holiness." And, with any luck, the peon's are dedicated people like you and me.
Or should I say chew this up.
1.05% so far.
reenactment forthcoming?
Even novocain doesn't work?

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