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2005.10.15 13:37
drafting with herb...
Today they're all joining Napoleon as he reenacts (again?!) his arrival at St. Helena. He's invited all the latest disaster fatalities, so expect a crowd. They'll probably wind up watching the reruns of Survivor St. Helena from last year's 'exile' party.
Tomorrow, Marie Antoinette said she'll serve up some chops. And then she'll be off for the groundbreaking reenactment at Versailles, sigh on the 20th. You can never tell with her though because she's also been telling people that Paul Rudolph will be celebrating his birthday next week at Guild House, and that he'll be serving decorated duck!
Me? I've been stoned for a few months now, and I even think I'm now "pregnant." Heinrich von Kleist is the father. We're picking names:
The Earthquake in Chile
The Marquise of O--
Michael Kohlhaas
The Beggarwoman of Locarno
St. Cecilia and the Power of Music
The Betrothal in Santo Domingo
The Foundling
The Duel

2005.10.17 17:11
Edmund Bacon, Dead at 95
I can still hear his voice over the phone, although he hasn't called me in [almost exactly] 13 years. "Who owns that [computer] model [of Center City Philadelphia]?!?" Although it could be a complete coincidence, but I suspect he called me because he saw my design idea for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway featured on a WHYY/TV12 Spotlight the night before.

1 January
1921 birth of Isma'il Raji al-Faruqi
1944 death of Edwin Lutyens
1945 departure of Donau-Schwabens from Apatin, Yugoslavia to Soviet labor camps near Bokovo, Ukraine
2004 Franziska Baroness von Ow begins her bike trip

2 January
1872 birth of Albert C. Barnes

4 January
1965 death of T. S. Eliot

7 January
2005 Kitschy Kitschy Koo Art

9 January
first Agonalia
feast of Sts. Julian and Basilissa

10 January
1953 birth of Otto George Lauf

12 January
1976 death of Agatha Christie

13 January
2005 Ignudi pediment for the Philadelphia Museum of Art

14 January
1990 death of James A. Williams

16 January
1931 birth of Susan Sontag

17 January
395 death of Theodosius
1706 birth of Benjamin Franklin
1901 death of Frederic W. H. Myers
1974 birth of Ladan Bijani and Laleh Bijani

18 January
1701 coronation of Friedrich I King of Prussia
1840 first publication of the Electro-Magnetic Intelligencer
1871 Wilhelm I proclaimed German Emperor at Versailles (Otto Prince of Bavaria got sick)
1912 marriage of Edward and Eva Stotesbury
1919 opening of the World War I Peace Conference at Versailles
1956 The German Democratic Republic forms its own army, the National People's Army
1957 Three B-52s set the record for around-the-world flight, 45 minutes 19 minutes.
1964 Plans for the World Trade Center are announced in New York City.
1991 Iraq launches SCUD missiles against Israel.
1993 The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday is observed in all 50 Unites States for the first time.
2004 Franziska Baroness von Ow bilocates
2004 Frederick King of Prussia and Franziska Baroness von Ow, Otto King of Bavaria and Maria Empress of the Western Roman Empire, George and Martha Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings lunch at the King of Prussia Tavern in Germantown, Pennsylvania.
2005 death of Erdman Mitchell
2005 "Here a Versailles, There a Versailles, Everywhere a Versailles, Sigh" by Marie Antoinette, Ludwig II of Bavaria, Eva Stotesbury
2005 Ned and Eva Stotesbury renew their marriage vows at the New Town Hall of Germantown

19 January
1945 train from Apatin arrives at Bokovo
2004 Franziska Baroness von Ow arrives at Bokovo

20 January
2004 Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheims and Sigmund Freud at the Vatican
2005 commencement of I'm a Big, Fat Nobody: the Autobiography of Unbekannt

21 January
1793 beheading of Louis XVI of France

23 January
1872 birth of Rasputin
1986 death of Joseph Beuys

25 January
2005 death of Philip Johnson

26 January
2005 death of Leslie Deis
2005 induction of Philip Johnson and Leslie Deis into the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club

27 January
1945 liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau by Soviet troops

28 January
1912 birth of Jackson Pollock
2005 part of a Vietnamese funerary ritual is performed outside 5232 Arbor Street, across the street from the House in Ottopia.

29 January
1820 death of King George III

31 January
1974 death of Samuel Goldwyn
2004 König Ludwig Lauf

1 February
1945 death of Johan Huizinga
2004 König Ludwig Lauf

2 February
1590 death of Catherine de Ricci
1861 birth of Solomon Guggenheim

3 February
1994 death of Manfredo Tafuri

5 February
2005 König Ludwig Lauf

6 February
1799 death of Etienne-Louis Boullée
1843 birth of Frederic W. H. Myers
1902 birth of Franciska Brenner
1995 death of James Merrill
2005 König Ludwig Lauf

12 February
1728 birth of Etienne-Louis Boullée

13 February
quondam feast of St. Catherine de Ricci
2004 gas jet explosion at Olney & Ogontz Philadelphia
2005 "The Bilocating Barnes Foundation" by St. Catherine de Ricci, Albert C. Barnes and Louis I. Kahn

20 February
1901 birth of Louis I. Kahn

22 February
1900 birth of Luis Buńuel
1987 death of Andy Warhol

23 February
1978 death of C. Paul Jennewein

24 February
1856 birth of Marie Countess Larisch
1996 death of Esther Israeli Kahn

25 February
395 obituary of Theodosius
1570 Pope Pius V excommunicates Elizabeth I
2004 Ash Wednesday
2004 release of The Pasion of the Christ

27 February
272/273 birth of Constantine at Naissur, Upper Moesia
1932 birth of Elizabeth Taylor

3 March
1926 birth of James Merrill

4 March
2005 Martha Stewart released from prison

5 March
1953 death of Joseph Stalin
2000 Otto and Einstein at Princeton
2001 death of Ian McHarg

7 March
1878 birth of Louis Magaziner

9 March
1930 death of Henry Chapman Mercer

11 March
2004 Madrid terrorist train bombing

14 March
1879 birth of Albert Einstein
1923 birth of Diane Arbus

17 March
1974 death of Louis I. Kahn
2004 Louis I. Kahn in Ireland with St. Patrick

20 March
dies sanguinis
328(?) dedication of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme
1778 Franklin mets Louis XVI at Versailles
1811 birth of Napoleon II/King of Rome
1815 Napoleon enters Paris after escape from Elba, begins 100-day rule
1848 abdication of King Ludwig I of Bavaria
1944 Mount Vesuvius explodes
1961 Duchamp leacturs at Philadelphia
1980 auto accident and lobotomy of Otto George Lauf
1997 rape/murder of Calma Calida
2004 Piranesi's dies sanguinis tour
2004 engagement party for Dennis and Eva
2005 death of Walter Hopps
2005 "The Marriage of Twisted and Column" by Eutropia and Pieter Pauwel Rubens
2005 "Nudist Camp and the Philadelphia Museum of Art" by C. Paul Jennewein and Marcel Duchamp

21 March
2004 implosion of Veteran's Stadium Philadelphia

22 March
2005 Le Corbusier and Gordon Matta-Clark move to Minneapolis

27 March
1920 birth of Colin Rowe

29 March
1869 birth of Edwin Lutyens




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