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2005.08.23 13:28
Tiring architects VS Real Architects
The late period of artists is often under-rated. Picasso's Late Period was mostly disliked while he was alive--seen as repetitious and unimportant. Yet, with Picasso dead, the late works are not so unimportant anymore, in fact they manifest one of Picasso's most creative periods.
Frank Gehry may be in a wonderful position if he continues to do architecture for another decade or so, because, when he isn't around anymore, his late works might just manifest his most creative period.
I like to look at and study the late periods of artists because of all the facile-ness and confidence and even (if you're lucky) the "I don't give a fuck" found there.
Philip Johnson produced an interesting late period, and he did change 'styles' with every new project, yet his overall style has always been reenactionary architecturism.

2005.08.23 14:07
I Wanna See Some Modern Ruins.
If you want to see modern ruins, just go to Iraq or Afghanistan!

2005.08.23 16:30
AMO asks for your response
Can you say why publicity cannot be a foundation of architecture?

2005.08.23 16:53
AMO asks for your response
The ancient art of product placement...

Who knew???

2005.08.23 17:19
AMO asks for your response
The main point I wanted to address to AMO is:
Furthermore, I hope it takes less than twenty years for architects to begin creating and directing web sites that are just the same as television channels.

2005.08.23 17:30
AMO asks for your response
Un-reality TV might be interesting.
melquiades, your previous post introduces some interesting points. While referring to websites as television channels I did not think of OMA's CCTV, but it's presence here is poignant, isn't it? AMO may have more experience with regard to 'web sites just like television channels' than it even realizes.

2005.08.23 19:16
I Wanna See Some Modern Ruins.
Philadelphia State Hospital -- Byberry

2005.08.24 18:55
Staged Photographs?

I asked the French tourist to pick at his ass while looking at Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even, and he said, "Sure, my ass is itchy anyway."

2005.08.25 12:29
AMO asks for your response
Please, AMO, you'll have to do a lot better than that. Maybe devote an issue to false facades, or maybe an issue on Castle Howard, you know, made to look big on the outside, but really small inside. If you're interested in the issue of the architect and/as statesman/woman that makes a difference, look into the whole career of Thomas Jefferson. Keep in mind he owned lots of slaves too.

2005.08.25 14:17
global archinecture
I miss the Mongolians that used to live on my block back in the 1970s. Diva, next door, is from Jamaica, and the guy out back across the driveway who is always fixing someone else's car(s) looks distinctly of somewhere in south central Asia, but he's here from Trinidad, and he told me the Indians that bought their house from one of my first cousins twice removed moved back to India. The Colombian women up the street moved downtown a few years ago. The Portuguese woman with the bootleg beauty parlor in her basement doesn't take as much care of her front garden as she did last summer. If you need some Haitians that would make excellent body guards, I know several. I haven't heard the Vietnamese across the street play that strange temple chant music late at night recently, and that "old man" three doors up from Hong Kong still pretends he doesn't understand English. Have any of these people every visited Quondam - A Virtual Museum of Architecture? Probably not. So close and yet so far.

2005.08.25 15:07
Staged Photographs?
A few years ago I was (yet again) taking pictures within the Duchamp gallery (which is now named Galerie Rrose SÚlavy) and a Tiny Tim look-a-like walked in. I took some pictures of him there and then also in the Jasper Johns gallery. I'll try to post them soon.
Has anyone else been to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh? I was there ten years ago, and within an afternoon I spotted five Warhol look-a-likes strolling through the museum. As I was leaving I asked the young woman at the reception desk if there are often Warhol look-a-likes in the Museum. She answered, "Yes, there are often several in the Museum." Has anyone else been there and seen Warhol look-a-likes?
"To stage or not to stage, that is the question?"

Tiny Tim look-a-like at the Philadelphia Museum of Art   2002.12.15

Tiny Tim look-a-like at the Philadelphia Museum of Art   2002.12.15

2005.08.26 12:42
Urban Voids: Grounds for Change. An International Design Competition
North Philadelphia as Unknown Architectural Tourist Destination
The "Indian" Trails:
Ridge Avenue
Germantown Avenue
Rising Sun Avenue
Old York Road
plus to the east of North Philadelphia:
Frankford Avenue
Oxford Avenue
Street as Grand Place
American Street from Germantown Avenue to Lehigh Avenue
Shrine of St. John Neumann
St. Peter's Church
5th Street and Girard Avenue
Learning from Girard Avenue
Chapter Three of EPICENTRAL, www.quondam.com / 2002.
Stephen Girard, the sixth wealthiest American, right behind Bill Gates
Norris Square
Virtually the exact same size as Rittenhouse Square
[I was Baptized at St. Boniface and the doctor who delivered me to life had his office on Norris Square.]
Morning RushHour TwoLane Drag Racing
The daily commute to Center City for many Northeast Philadelphians
Straight down 2nd Street from just south of Erie Avenue all the way to Girard Avenue.
"Toss your timidity aside!"
North Broad Street
Northern part of the greatest axis mundi of the world.
Diamond Street west of Broad Street
See the decaying mini-mansions of a century ago, while they last.
Temple University Main Campus
Great collection of some funky 1960s architecture
Train Ride as Architectural Tour
Take the R8 from Center City to Olney and back




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