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1999.03.19 10:30

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Taken Literally

1999.03.19 10:31
urinal in a gallery OR being pissy
I last visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Duchamp Gallery 29 February 2000. (An extra day so I decided to spend in on art). It was a Tuesday, and the museum was not busy with visitors. This trip was a quest--I knew the urinal had a special, albeit hidden meaning, and I was determined to find out what that meaning was. Lucky for me the guard in the Duchamp gallery was a middle-aged man. I figured he was especially frustrated sexually due to standing watch in that particular gallery, what with unrecognizable (and dissatisfying) nudes walking down stairs, and a naked bride that "shatters" all hopes (and dreams) of having sex. (Of course, there is that spread-eagle girl behind the peep holes, but you can't see her face!) Anyway, with a wink and a nudge, I gave the guard a recent copy of Playboy magazine. He smiled and began flipping through the pages feverishly. My plan was working because now I could lift up the urinal to see if there was any message to be found "underneath".
There it was, a tiny inscription in the Duchamp "font".
"I, Marcel Duchamp, sometime (drag) artist, fully intend for this urinal to stand as a monument to all those who gleefully piss their time away wondering about art, particularly art like this. In the future, everyone will piss for fifteen minutes"
I imagine Duchamp felt flushed with success, to say the least.

2005.03.16 11:53
Re: Larry vs. Damien
Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.



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