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2003.03.17 12:16

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Re: urinal in a gallery
Hugh asks:
But what if (oh God) these reproduction urinals are not in fact true "readymades" but in fact carefully crafted reproductions of the original readymade that was, one imagines, long out of production since design in sanitary ware had moved on?
Where does that leave us? With something purporting to be a readymade that is actually a hand-made work of art?
Which makes Steve ask:
Could it simply be that Duchamp and even his unique "art" cannot escape the varying degrees of separation that always come with reenactments, even crafty and/or dexterous reenactments?

2003.03.17 12:16
Re: Has anyone seen whatever that thread was called??
Another one bites the dust.
From kidnapping to bulldozing.
What limits will we see next?
Probably time to just walk away from the murder mystery.
Finished reading Shamrock Tea late last night.
In the future everyone will remember for fifteen minutes [and forget they ever heard of Rosemarie Trockel].
Just when I was beginning to like anagram makers.
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