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Otto of Bavaria (His Majesty Otto Wilhelm Luitpold Adalbert Waldemar, King of Bavaria) (27 April 1848-11 October 1916) was the insane King of Bavaria from 1886 to 1913. He was the younger son of Maximilian II, King of Bavaria and his wife, formerly Marie of Prussia.
Because of his insanity, the constitution of Bavaria was amended on 4 November 1913 to include a clause specifying that if a regency for reasons of incapacity had lasted for ten years with no expectation that the king would ever be able to reign, the regent could proclaim the end of the regency and the demise of the crown, with such action to be ratified by the parliament.
The following day, Otto was deposed by his cousin, Prince Regent Ludwig on November 5, 1913, by proclamation, who assumed the title Ludwig III. He was permitted to retain his title and honours. The parliament assented on 6 November, and Ludwig III took the constitutional oath on 8 November.

25 February
2004 Ash Wednesday
2004 release of The Passion of the Christ
2004 arrival of Theodosius and Aelia Flaccilla at St. Ambrose

2004.02.26 12:36
"God's Bricklayer"
"Cardinal Dennis Dougherty took off for a three-month European vacation in early May 1934. Several weeks later, a declaration of war on the movie industry in the form of a pastoral letter from the Cardinal was read in all the churches of the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Hollywood's obsession with sex and crime," said Dougherty, was a "vicious and insidious attack . . . on the very foundation of our Christian civilization, namely the sacrament of marriage, the purity of womanhood, the sanctity of the home, and obedience to lawful authority." Dougherty's archdiocese covered most of southeastern Pennsylvania, so the letter was heard by some 825,000 Catholics, almost all of whom would have been in church that Sunday, as they were every Sunday. Their marching orders were straightforward: Philadelphia Catholics were forbidden, on pain of serious sin, to go to any movies, of any kind, anywhere."
"Samuel Goldwyn made a quiet visit to the Cardinal's home and reportedly offered to do whatever was necessary to lift the ban. Dougherty was polite but said, "I am adamant. I will not lift it. That will be left to the moral judgment of your products."
--Charles R. Morris, American Catholic: The Saints and Sinners Who Built America's Most Powerful Church.
"God's Bricklayer" entitles the chapter on Cardinal Dougherty, apparently a name the Cardinal occasionally applied to himself.
What a difference seventy years makes?
I like how John Kelly, the father of Princess Grace, called Cardinal Dougherty a "son-of-a-bitch." I like too how John Kelly's construction company built Cardinal Dougherty High School, once the largest Catholic High School in the world.
Since most of Otto's friends are presently staying at St. Catherine (de Ricci) Hall, the quondam powerhouse of Elstowe (literally next door to Tyler School of Art), no doubt they will someday soon visit Cardinal Dougherty High School which is close by in St. Helena Parish. Ludwig, Jim, and Arcadius (elder son of Theodosius, brother-in-law and first cousin one generation removed of Maria), however, are staying at the castle of Arcadia University, the quondam Beaver College. Trumbauer and 'God's Bricklayer' are helping Otto organize all the various site-seeing tours for Otto's Lenten guests. This all works out perfectly as a preliminary run of the official tours to be part of the forthcoming Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention. Sam Goldwyn has agreed to surprise Dennis at one of the Thursday night dinner parties, followed by a movie (Death In Venice? High Art? Barbarella? The Player?--I mean how many times can everyone watch Titus?), of course.

2004.03.03 15:07
Re: can I get some feedback?
Do you think it too much in poor taste to have Napoleon married to James A. Williams in the forthcoming Un-Schloss Schizophrenia: Afterlife Address of Choice?
The party to officially announce the engagement of Cardinal Dougherty and Eva Stotesbury (his first, her fourth) is slated for 20 March 2004. unearthly delights galore.

2004.03.07 14:07
Before last night, the only other time I saw Repo Man was 20 years ago in a movie theater when it first came out. I remembered some of the actors/characters, but forgot almost everything else. Never expected the main character to be named Otto, or spontaneously laughing a lot too. [I feel] I now have a better understanding where movies like Pulp Fiction and (kinda) Suburbia came from.
The party to officially announce the engagement of Cardinal Dougherty and Eva Stotesbury (his first, her fourth) is slated for 20 March 2004. Unearthly delights galore.
You should hear all the "late antiques" discussing the sanctity of marriage and family values. A favorite game is to name all the relatives and in-laws killed by Constantine and his sons. Sam Goldwyn came up with a great movie idea that will surely please Dougherty--The Passion Reenactments of St. Catherine de Ricci: The True Story of a Bilocating Bride.
The Da Vinci Code and proposed Constitutional amendments are an ongoing source of entertainment.
The co-authored paper by Piranesi and Tertullian for the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention is entitled De Spectaculis II.

11 March
2004 Madrid terrorist train bombing

2004.03.13 11:50
Re: Is Photography Dead?

2004.03.14 17:50
Re: koolhaas shopping
The sliced (in 5 pieces) Kahn monograph, I Canít Stand the Sight of Blood, 1984, was an exercise in iconoclasm (pun kind of intended). I was doing a variety of iconoclastic things back then specifically because of the iconoclastic nature with which CAD was back then invading the architecture profession. When first exhibited, each piece I Canít Stand the Sight of Blood was within its own plastic zip-lock bag. When I was asked by one of the Temple University faculty (I forget who it was, but Bernie Piaia, my CAD partner at CPV Architects at the time, was standing with me) [it was Brooke Harrington] what the plastic bags represented, I answered, "Preservation."

2004.03.14 18:08
Re: does my website suck?
I too spent time enjoying your site and your work. Are you familiar with the paintings of Alvar Aalto? You mentioned being indebted to Keifer (I like his 'books' a lot too), but I also saw an affinity to some Aalto paintings I've seen published.
schizophrenia + architectures was a specific exhibit/project conducted via throughout 1999ócomplete with 2000 web pages late 31 December 1999 (now archived off-site). The content then was a combination of my work and my schizophrenic brother's writings. It was a completely open-ended project with no specific end result in mind. It was a very personal exhibit, and thus was not exactly a work of easy cohesion (but that was kind of the point). Now, five years later, schizophrenia + architectures is (sort of) the foundation of an in-progress novel, Un-Schloss Schizophrenia. What you'll see at Quondam as the current project progresses is the outline of the novel (to be published seperately later) plus the visual background to the making of the novel.
I haven't investigated the interactive 'movie script' of your site/work yet, but I'm guessing that I should because how I just described what I'm doing seems related in terms of process (ie, collecting voices/visions) being as much the work as the outcome.

2004.03.15 11:52
Burial Practices of Native Americans: Production of A Kind Architecture
I live in one of the valleys that is part of Philadelphia's Tacony Creek Watershed, specifically the valley created by (the quondam) Rock Creek (which is today a large sewer tunnel under the couple mile length of Ashdale Street since the early 1940s). The mouth of Rock Creek at Tacony Creek is today a large tunnel (not at all unlike the ancient Roman main sewer tunnel that is still to be seen along the east bank of the Tiber). It is recorded that Native Americans once lived ("camped") around the confluence of Tacony and Rock Creeks--the name Tacony is derived from the Lenni-Lenape tekene which means wooded place. The highest point of elevation (less than 1/4 mile from the point of the two creeks) is today the intersection of Rising Sun Avenue and Tabor Road [incidentally where Cardinal Dougherty and Eva Stotesbury are to be married 21 June 2004 (summer solstice), with St. James the Great and St. Ambrose presiding], where the (once rural) community of Olney was established a little over 150 years ago. Rising Sun Avenue appears to be built upon an age old "Indian" trail, and Tabor Road goes back (at least) to the first half of 1776. Since 1998 I've been wondering if Rock Creek Valley adjacent Tacony Creek and Rising Sun and Tabor was once Native American burial ground.
see also: Re: electromagnetism in the body
This Saturday morning, 20 March 2004, John the Baptist Piranesi is conducting a dies sanguinis (day of blood) equinox tour of Tacony Creek Park, starting at St. Ambrose Parish School and ending at the site of the now quondam (cut down sometime a few months ago) quintuple sacred tree next to where Rising Sun Avenue crosses Tacony Creek. Those attending the tour are also invited to the Dougherty/Stotesbury Engagement Party at Lynnewood Hall that evening. Thanks to Eva's brilliant social skills, she convinced Benjamin Franklin to invite King Louis XVI to Philadelphia also on 20 March (since 20 March 1778 is when the King and Franklin first met at Versailles--the etiquette of reciprocity). Eva can barely contain herself at the prospect of showing King Louis around the quondam site of Whitemarsh Hall, her main Trumbauer house, "the Versailles of America."

2004.03.15 18:48
Re: a (better) commercial (real estate) value
Enjoying your exchange guys.
Just thought I'd offer the titles of two books (that I'm familiar with) that somewhat relate to the topic at hand.
Richard A. Etlin, The Architecture of Death: The Transformation of the Cemetery in Eighteenth-Century Paris (MIT Press), 1984.
William N. Morgan, Prehistoric Architecture in the Eastern United States (MIT Press), 1980.
The closest cemetery to where I live is on the grounds behind St. James Methodist Church (the first church of Olney, 1818), a few blocks west on Tabor Road. The closest grave to where I live, however, is that of Father Hughes, the founding pastor of St. Ambrose Catholic Church, which is a marked by a Celtic Cross on a patch of lawn in front of the original 1923 Church/School building, right on Roosevelt Blvd., just a block and a half away.
Since 1997, there have been three murders committed within Tacony Creek Park between Roosevelt Blvd. (right at the mouth of Rock Creek) and Rising Sun Avenue. And since 1990, there have been over a dozen (or even many more) findings of remains of Santeria and/or Voodoo rituals (including sacrificed animal carcasses) in the same park area.

Un-Schloss Schizophrenia ideas
treating Virtual Museum series via marquees, and then redoing Ichnographia Ottopia in this way, even using a lot of the original Ottopia pages again, perhaps with new images and texts.
go back and look through s+a pages again.
St. Melania is Maria's best friend.
redo Horti Salustiani after Alaric.
redo Horti Valeriani after the sale?
"breaking the silence" on 0265 links to a series od all the "breaking the silence" notes and letters up to 25 July 2003 and "personal best 2003"
D.I.Y. gallery at 0267 links to a Campo Marzio/Philadelphia exhibit at Venue, including all emails regarding Venue. compose (htm) the list of Trumbauer architecture that I need to photograph.
"secret symbols" of 0269 links to the new (today) theory of the Porticus Neroniani next to the Horti Valeriani.

17 March
2004 Louis I. Kahn in Ireland with St. Patrick

2004.03.18 12:51
Re: architecture and nature...
nature of fertility?
nature of assimilation?
metabolic nature?
nature of osmosis?
electro-magnetic nature?
the nature of all frequency?
or merely
the academically stunted nature of imitation? (doctored mimesis)
visceral reenactment
or merely
reenacting a who or a what
there's romance and there's Rome ants
Louis I. Kahn arrived late last night. He spent most of the 30th anniversary of his death yesterday in Ireland, with St. Patrick actually. He and Catherine are already busy composing their paper, but he hasn't guessed Franziska's guest yet. Maria, Melania (the younger), and Piranesi are designing a game for all to play--delineate an aftermathic reenactment of the first Visigothic plunder of the Horti Salustiani. Otto's posted Duchamp's and Jennewein's "Nudist Camp" survey so far.
Theodosius was Spanish.
Honorius worried about his Spanish relatives under Constantine the usurper (and with good reason because they were killed before he knew it).
Their Spanish heritage (along with their same age, disposition, and wealth) was a bond between Maria and the younger Melania--a bond to the very last day (whenever that is).
"The train is Spain stays mainly....."

2000.10.13 at lt-antiq
I am seeking information on Maria and Thermantia, the daughters of the Vandal/Roman general Flavius Stilicho. Both were married to the emperor Honorius. After Maria died in 406, Honorius married Thermantia. After Stilicho's downfall and execution in 408, Honorius divorced Thermantia and sent her home to her mother, Serena. Serena was executed in 410 and Thermantia died in 415. Does anyone know what Thermantia was doing between 410 and 415? Maria and Thermantia both died very young. Does anyone know the causes of their deaths?

2000.10.13 at lt-antiq
I'm curious as to where you got the date of 406 for Maria's death. PLRE II gives "407 0r early 408," while E. Demeugeot calculated it as probably 404. The only source I know of is Zosimus -- not as exact or reliable as one would like. Thermantia's death date is better documented, since the Chronicon Paschale says her death was announced in Constantinople in July 415.
Maria's tomb was actually opened in the 16th century. Does anyone know what happened to her remains? Modern medical examination might be able to shed some light on the cause of her death.
I don't think we know that Honorius actually divorced Thermantia. He could have sent her back to her mother without a divorce, thus protecting himself from being pressured into another marriage, and preventing any possible rival from marrying her. As for what she did from 410 to 415, the presumption is that she lived quietly in or near Rome, but I doubt that anyone knows. It's worth noting that the Visigoths carried off the future empress Galla Placidia (Honorius' half-sister) as a hostage, but apparently not Thermantia.
M.J. Engh

14 January
1990 death if James A. Williams

17 January
395 death of Thoedosius

2 February
1590 death of Catherine de Ricci

13 February
quondam feast of Catherine de Ricci
2004 gas jet explosion at Olney & Ogontz Philadelphia

20 February
1901 birth of Louis I. Kahn

25 February
395 obituary of Theodosius
1570 Pope Pius V excommunicates Elizabeth I

9 March
1894 Wien birth Franziska, Freiin Herring von Frankensdorf

17 March
1974 death of Louis I. Kahn

20 March
1778 Franklin mets Louis XVI at Versailles
1811 birth of Napoleon II/King of Rome
1815 Napoleon enters Paris after escape from Elba, begins 100-day rule
1944 Mount Vesuvius explodes
1961 Duchamp leacturs at Philadelphia

27 April
1848 birth of Otto I

1 May
305 Diocletian, at Nicomedia, and Maximanus Herculius, at Mediolanum, divested themselves of the purple.

2 May
1981 death of Daniel Hansford

5 May
1821 death of Napoleon

6 May
1986 Williams writes letter to Lauf

16 May
1938 death of Edward Stotesbury

21 May
1502 discovery of St. Helena Island

26 May
1946 death of Eva Stotesbury

30 May
1640 death of Rubens

31 May
1951 death of Cardinal Dennis Dougherty

13 June
1886 death of Ludwig II

28 June
1577 birth of Rubens

25 July
326 death of Helena (at Naples)

10 August
1984 Neuhaus death of Franziska, Freiin Herring von Frankensdorf 15 August
423 death of Honorius
1769 birth of Napoleon

16 August
1865 birth of Cardinal Dennis Dougherty

24 August
410 assult on Rome by Aleric

25 August
1845 birth of Ludwig II

5 September
1985 Williams and Wilkens visit Philadelphia

9 September
384 birth of Honorius (and died sometime 423)

18 September
1938 death of Horace Trumbauer

23 September
248 birth of Helena

4 October
1720 birth of Piranesi

11 October
1916 death of Otto I

15 October
1815 Napoleon arrives at St. Helena Island

9 November
1778 death of Piranesi

20 November
284 Diocletian was proclaimed emperor at Nicomedia

28 December
1868 birth of Horace Trumbauer

31 December
439 death of Melania



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