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1879 birth of Albert Einstein

1923 birth of Diane Arbus

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2003.03.14 09:47

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2003.03.14 09:47
Re: www.cremaster.net
Nice sculpture! Makes me wish I had 3D CAD models of them all, a virtual/other sculpture collection. Plus, 3D CAD models of the sculpture would have greatly enhanced the offerings of the website, but maybe 3D CAD sculpture is actually another artist's domain.
Now compare the Cremaster characters' genealogy with the genealogy of the Neo-Flavians [gauge/limits: Constantius I to Julian the Apostate], and keep track of how many blood relatives and in-laws Constantine had killed, and then how many blood relatives and in-laws his sons had killed—easily labeled The Imperial Metabolic Cycle. No doubt Minervina remains the most obscure. Nice paradigm shifting architecture!
If I make the trip to see The Cremaster Cycle exhibition, think I might get to see Continental Divide again as well?




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