7 March

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Re: The Mourning After: A Roundtable
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2004.03.07 14:07

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2005.03.07 08:13

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Mary Boone's 180 hours of community service
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2003.03.07 19:59
Re: The Mourning After: A Roundtable
[architecturally speaking] foundations are by default underground. [perhaps the apparent lack of foundation(s) is more truly a lack of looking for foundation(s) in the right place.] leaky basements can coincide with foundation erosion. [don't listen to me, I virtually flunked structure.] received awards for design, however. [tabula rasa is a form of blindness?]

2003.03.07 10:02
Re: The Mourning After: A Roundtable
What? There's only one size button in the world?
Tiny Buttons, in the wine
Make me happy
Make me feel fine
You reap what you sew?

2003.03.07 10:04
Re: The Mourning After: A Roundtable
LA meeting in the basement whenever.
losers anonymous
always 13 steps down




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