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1962 The death of Jacques Gréber.

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Re: Anthony Vidler on Gordon Matta-Clark
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Re: David Rimanelli
Print media may be old school, but where Rimanelli is published is now-a-days really cleverly disguised advertising media.
really hard work:

hardly work:
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2003.06.05 13:43
Re: Anthony Vidler on Gordon Matta-Clark
What is still missing from the ongoing evaluation/analysis of Matta-Clark's work is the realization that he often manifests a/the metabolic imagination, i.e., an oeuvre comprising creative/destructive duality.

2003.06.05 14:25
Re: Anthony Vidler on Gordon Matta-Clark
I spent an October 1994 weekend in Vidler's NYC/Chelsea studio apartment (a very restrictive space), while a large painting of mine, Taken Literally, spent over two years there--a close friend of mine sublet the place when Vidler first started teaching in LA. Vidler spent at least one week living with the painting himself, and I've often wondered if he got all the art and architectural references within the painting. There's even a sliced portion of a building, but I didn't know of Matta-Clark back then.
Vidler is/was a very good critical (architectural) historian. I've learned much from his writing, especially from the 1970s and 1980s. He starts missing the mark, however, within The Architectural Uncanny, e.g., within "Losing Face," and much of Warped Space manifests an ideological force-fit.

2003.06.05 15:18
Re: Anthony Vidler on Gordon Matta-Clark
I really don't know enough about Matta-Clark to answer your question. Vidler provides a very good 'genealogy' of Matta-Clark's architectural background, an perhaps what Matta-Clark found and exposed is a large part of architecture's and architecture education's vulnerable, pink and soft underbelly.

2003.06.05 15:49
have a seat

Prada Toilet, 1997.

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