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2014.08.21 21:57
Inspirational Images
The shell of the Cut & Paste Museum is the outer plan of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and inside are (at the same scale) pieces of Schinkel's Altes Museum, Stirling/Wilford's Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen and Hejduk's House 10: Museum. And if you look closely, you'll see the in situ plan of Duchamp's Etant donnes.

2015.03.03 14:40
2 March

2015.04.27 11:09
what is 'beauty' in Architecture?
"Cultures, he argued, need the challenge of new forms if they are not to settle into complacency or, worse, terror. His target here is what he calls 'realism'. Realism, he claims, reaffirms the illusion that we are able to seize hold of reality, truth, the way things "really" are.
Realism, Lyotard argues, protects us from doubt. It offers us a picture of the world that we seem to know, and in the process confirms our own status as knowing subjects by reaffirming that picture as true. Things are, humans are, and, above all, we are just as we have always supposed.
Postmodernity, in Lyotard's account, specifies a different literary and artistic mode rather than a particular period. Duchamp's challenge to realism is intelligible as postmodern. 'You want realism?' Richard Mutt's urinal seemed to ask. 'I'll give you reality itself, a readymade urinal, exactly the kind you see every day'. Er, that is, the kind men see every day. Well, Western men, anyway. Reality itself, when you come to think of it, is also culturally relative."
--Catherine Belsey

2016.04.21 14:08
The Guggenheim will install a fully functioning solid gold toilet
Duchamp's toilet?

2016.09.17 22:40
Bjarke Ingels gets the Rolling Stone treatment

Readymade in Japan with Laser Print on Transparancy

bifocal eyeglasses or contact lenses
Actually primarily not Duchamp returning from another dimension.



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