abracadabra, faia
Ach, Abra. Fucking sie LACMA for now. Let me tell you more about za Pittsker Prize. He vuz calling me yestourday too. Vunted to buy spezial artzwurkz.
Ah ha!
Ja ah ha! It vuz like Veech Liszt coming true.
I forgot you went to the Meryl Streep School of Foreign Accents.
Ah Hell, I was just talking English like my mother. It's great for selling art, like the Pittsker wants Museumpeace, the chair, and Wig Nut and Wig Not. Hey, he's about the only one who can afford that stuff.
How 'bout Anonymous Saint in Bikini While Jesus is Walking on Water?
Ah, I say, that's already going to Cloony Tunes.
[magic laughter]
Ja, Pittsker Prize laughed too and then he offered more money. I say, Veight, you vunt more of za rare wurkz. I show you The Size of the Horse's Balls. It iz iconoclastic! I'll tell ya, Pittsker sure knows his stuff when it comes to The Size of the Horse's Balls. He got all the inverted iconoclastic symbolism and even read between the lines. So I said, you are really liking The Size of the Horse's Balls, ja? He says ja, ja ja, ja ja ja ja ja. So then I hum a couple of sentences, you know, like Freud, works all the time, and then I say, you can have leetle discount. We close the deal. And then he told me he's gonna call abracadabra, faia, so I say, you know, to be really good in architecture you must always hold your own. Wow, he says, thanks Rita, I think the whole world wants to see me hold my own.
Is that you're call waiting or mine?

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