Re: Götterdämmerung?
I wonder what would have happened if DIA BEACON decided not to 'trash' the electricians' art. For example, DIA BEACON could have returned the art to the electricians, and, given the generated publicity, the electricians surely could have sold the artwork as indeed so far the most rare DIA BEACON 'museum piece'--were I advisor to the electricians, the suggested title for the artwork would be Museumpeace, Too.
It would be great if the electricians now decided to open an art gallery featuring more of their work in Beacon. You just know it would be a popular place, especially with it's own distinctive title: How Dare We [prove that we're artists too] Art.
Alternative names for the electricians' gallery are Damnatio Memoriae or Laws of Silence or Same Difference or Go Figure or Dia's Dumpster.
Hail Electricians!

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