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2002.11.26 11:33

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Two Balls

Basically, the older I get, the lazier an artist I become. Museumpeace is perhaps the laziest artwork I've ever done (and continued laziness is definitely why I'm leaving it just the way it is now). Nonetheless, it is also the most iconoclastic of my works. Laziness and iconoclasm, maybe I'm saying something.

"Adventures of the Great Isfahan"
2002.11.26 11:33

Down the long salon stretched a superb Isfahan carpet, on which too often cocktails were spilled.

Mrs. Stotesbury had sent to the Museum for the great Isfahan rug, which came back next day much in need of cleaning.

His will singled out the English portraits, the tapestries, two sets of furniture, the great Isfahan rug and the porcelains from Duveen to be sold.

The result of the Metropolitan's taking Whitemarsh Hall was indirectly to enrich the Philadelphia Museum. The Stotesbury tapestries, the fine furniture and the great Isfahan, which had remained at the house, were sent at once to the Museum as loans.

In November [1944] the remaining objects which Mr. Stotesbury's will had directed should be sold were removed from the Museum for an auction in New York. It was a butchery. One Romney, the Vernon Children brought $22,000, but no other painting fetched more than $10,000. The magnificent fifty-three foot Isfahan brought only $5,000. It had cost Stotesbury $90,000.



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