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2005.08.24 18:55
Staged Photographs?

I asked the French tourist to scratch his ass while looking at Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelor's, Even, and he said, "Sure, my ass is itchy anyway."

2005.08.25 15:07
Staged Photographs?
A few years ago I was (yet again) taking pictures within the Duchamp gallery (which is now named Galerie Rrose Sélavy) and a Tiny Tim look-a-like walked in. I took some pictures of him there and then also in the Jasper Johns gallery. I'll try to post them soon.
Has anyone else been to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh? I was there ten years ago, and within an afternoon I spotted five Warhol look-a-likes strolling through the museum. As I was leaving I asked the young woman at the reception desk if there are often Warhol look-a-likes in the Museum. She answered, "Yes, there are often several in the Museum." Has anyone else been there and seen Warhol look-a-likes?
"To stage or not to stage, that is the question?"

2005.08.29 18:50
Hi, Gorgeous. Haven't I Seen You Somewhere?
Yeah, Hamilton is a great (occasional) reenactor of Duchamp's work (personally, I prefer the reenacted Ocular Witnesses), and Duchamp turned out to be a great reenactor of his own work. Reenacting Duchamp is a very Duchamp thing to do. --link to mp/0926 mp/0525

2005.08.30 10:36
Hi, Gorgeous. Haven't I Seen You Somewhere?
Just to clarify, the readymades of Duchamp pictured in "Readymade Reenactment" are not actual "original" readymades, rather specially made reenactments of the "original" readymades that no longer exist.
Yes, my idea is worthless, and that's why agfa8x is so eager to know what it is.
I think it's interesting that most human teeth reenact themselves.
Since our minds reenact our perceptions, is that an indication that the operation of mental reenactment is somehow already coded in our DNA?

2005.10.03 11:53
Re: Jean-Pierre Gauthier
Did anyone do anything special yesterday the 37th anniversary of Marcel Duchamp's death? You think anyone will bid on the sheet of Duchamp news clippings souvenir from the 1973 Duchamp exhibition that will be up for auction at eBay soon? And how about Rimanelli in "Hate Speech" "Coming upon a quondam friend or colleague..."
I reread all of The Painted Word in the wee hours of 1 October 2005. Does Duchamp rest in peace flat on his back?

2005.10.12 07:54
Daniel Birnbaum, "The Hospitality of Presence: Problems of Otherness in Husserl's Phenomenology" in Peter Weibel, Olafur Eliasson: Surroundings Surrounded.
I read Birnbaum's essay last night and it appears that Husserl would have benefited from the realization that all memory (both his 'primary memory' and his 'secondary memory') are by default mental reenactments. That Husserl ultimately saw perception and primary memory (ie, retention) as the same (ie, simultaneously present and thus together constituting the nature of presence itself) then unwittingly suggests that perception is also a mental reenactment of the phenomenon being perceived.
[My first philosophy teacher (in high school 1973-74) was big into Husserl. He occassionally went off on these tangents talking about his experiences at the Husserl center (or whatever it was called) somewhere in Germany (if memory/mental reenactment serves me correctly).
Otto King of Bavaria died eighty-nine years ago yesterday, so I wondered if anything coincidental or interesting might happen. I wasn't really expecting anything though because my mind was working 'elsewhere', yet it was the work on a new artwork regarding Marcel Duchamp that led me to recall that Otto's death date was yesterday--Duchamp died 2 October 1968. Finally, it was last night while watching E=mcsquared on PBS that I then recalled Art that is Otto and Einstein at Princeton 5 March 2000. One of my favorites. --q/0849   --q/0967
In case you don't get it, Otto (the name itself even) supplies the symmetry, while Einstein supplies the relativity.
Edmund Husserl was born in Moravia. The Odds of Ottopia, I suppose.] --q/1025

2006.01.08 17:49
Re: Double Exposure
Hey 3rd near Houston, if things are going so well, why are you still so insecure? Honesty never was your strong point though, was it? Just keep on rubbing it, a Genie might come out of your Duchampiana yet.
And the aware for the most trite web discussion board administration goes to...

2006.03.31 08:20
Questions about Typography of Architecture
look, it's the Duchamp font on the Duchamp font...
otherwise, arial is the font I've been using almost exclusively for the last seven yeas or so.
What's the font of this and all the sentences here?

what’s next
museumpeace scrapbooks--this is the same as above but more arts oriented; Duchamp, Warhol.

The Odds of Ottopia and Leaving Obscurity Behind
Duchamp and Jennewien: “Nudist Camp at the PMA” q0149, q0153/4, q0442, q1005, q2521, q2539, 1967, 2498, 2544-51, 2567-77, 2605, 2629.

2006.12.13 21:03
Who killed Talkback?
How's that book on Duchamp coming along? Are you busy as a Beirut bricklayer? Or are you just laying around waiting for your gynecologist to give you the thumbs up?

2007.02.19 13:34
what is today's movement?
Client: "Can you design me an architecture that reenacts Duchamp's Large Glass? I want something in facets."
Architect: "Madam, that would be a crime. And besides, you don't look good in the nude."
Client: "Well then, can you design me an architecture that is regional and relates to fashion."
Architect: "Of course, Madam. It will look something like this...



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