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finding fraud, damning the mediocre   1323j   4580d
2003.03.31 11:29

Re: stuff that really is life changing   1323j   4580d
2003.03.31 12:35

Re: Diane Arbus at LACMA   1421s   4580e
2004.03.31 10:29

genius loci today?   4580g
2005.03.31 14:48

Why Duchamp?: The Influence of Marcel Duchamp on Contemporary Architectural Theory and Practice   1662e

Questions about Typography of Architecture   4580h
2006.03.31 08:20

2003.03.31 11:29
finding fraud, damning the mediocre
"I'm for Duchamp." I find him a pretty good job, a man who was frustrated by the utter fraud of art in general, and decided to try to damn the mediocre. He did paintings too, alas.

2003.03.31 12:35
Re: stuff that really is life changing
At the Yale Center for British Art in the large window of the top floor gallery facing closest to the New Haven Green there, in the general lower right corner of the large window, are the scant remains of what looks to be a mosquito embedded in the glass. I call it Teeny.
Definitely among of the stuff that changed my life.

2004.03.31 10:29
Re: Diane Arbus at LACMA
Duchamp and Jennewein have asked Arbus to help them compose "Nudist Camp at the Philadelphia Museum of Art" for the upcoming Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention. Arbus hasn't answered their request yet, however.




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