25 August

feast of St. Louis

1786 birth of Ludwig I

1845 birth of Ludwig II

Taken Literally

2004 Ludwig at St. Louis with Hannibal and Mark Twain

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2005.08.25 12:29

global archinecture
2005.08.25 14:17   1663g

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2005.08.25 15:07

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Staged Photographs?
2005.08.25 15:07

A few years ago I was (yet again) taking pictures within the Duchamp gallery (which is now named Galerie Rrose SÚlavy) and a Tiny Tim look-a-like walked in. I took some pictures of him there and then also in the Jasper Johns gallery. I'll try to post them soon.

Has anyone else been to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh? I was there ten years ago, and within an afternoon I spotted five Warhol look-a-likes strolling through the museum. As I was leaving I asked the young woman at the reception desk if there are often Warhol look-a-likes in the Museum. She answered, "Yes, there are often several in the Museum." Has anyone else been there and seen Warhol look-a-likes?

"To stage or not to stage, that is the question?"




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