25 July

306 death of Constantius I
306 'coronation' of Emperor Constantine

325 Nicene Creed

326 death of Helena (at Naples)
326 suicide of Fausta

1969 death of Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix

CSI: Philadelphia
2004.07.25 11:31

Artifacts of Ottopia
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CSI: Philadelphia, etc.
2006.07.25 16:17

Re: Lawbreakers? Armed with only paint and paste? or More??
2004.07.25 18:11

Cold Case 2006

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zero six five   0034m

CSI: Philadelphia
2004.07.25 11:31

Fresh fingerprints were placed upon a Duchamp Bride painting in unwatched gallery sometime Friday early afternoon 23 July 2004 while two female guards gossiped in Spanish in adjacent Brancusi gallery.

Professor Aplomb in the Hall with the revolver.

Overweight Cardinal gets stuck in confessional after hearing his own sins.

[Marcel and Paul laugh their 'nudist camp' asses off.]

Lawbreakers? Armed with only paint and paste? or More??
2004.07.25 18:11

And Duchamp arranged the Arensberg collection within the Philadelphia Museum of Art, hence the Brancusi gallery next to the Duchamp gallery.

The gossiping guards were in the door (to the Brancusi gallery) between two Matisse paintings.

Thumb, index and middle finger of left hand.

[Damn, I should have spun that bicycle wheel!!!]

Cold Case 2006

Said Bride painting now has glass protection.
DuChance makes recent confessional appearance at artforum/talkback three days ago, after reading taking [on] chances, for sure.




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