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Celestine dream
2005.07.19 12:27   1662u
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Separated at Birth?   1662u
2005.07.19 13:00

The Semiology of God   1662u
2005.07.19 13:14

I am architecture.   1662u
2005.07.19 17:39

taking [on] chances

S&A recto/verso

2005.07.19 12:27
Celestine dream
One of my favorite sentences of all time comes from the entry under 'Celestine the Fifth, pope' in The Penguin Dictionary of Saints: "The results were disastrous, for Celestine was unfitted for the papal office in every respect except his holiness."

taking [on] chances

This is DuChance et al of the now mostly quondam www.artforum.com/talkback heydays. Yet perhaps it was just T.J. Demos all along. Probably both, and very possibly more, as Artforum played loose with the administration of their online forum. Anyway, what really scared them was real "institutional critique" that they couldn't control except by "disproportionate use of force." Typical.




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