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Re: artists faces within their own work
2004.06.02 12:49

2 June
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Re: artists faces within their own work
2004.06.02 12:49

Reenactment has been a working/artistic operating system for me since June 1987 when I began to redraw Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius with the new CAD system/business set up in my house. I read (select passages of) Collingswood's The Idea of History for the first time July 1997, and it then didn't take long for me to realize that what I had been doing relative to Piranesi the prior 10 years was reenactment. I don't critically think about reenactment as much as I critically do reenactment!

What Schwarz did was not a replication of Duchamp's work since the originals no longer existed when Schwarz did his work. The best Schwarz did was to reenact to originals.

I know you (Demos) will never admit to my original thinking regarding Duchamp and reenactment, because then you'd have to also admit to reenacting me.




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