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Re: reenacting ye olde England
2004.06.03 11:53

2006.06.03 10:09
precursive art
2006.06.03 11:09

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Re: reenacting ye olde England
2004.06.03 11:53

After the nuptials 20 June 2004, Dennis and Eva will be spending a 21 day honeymoon in Baghdad. "Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you."

2006.06.03 10:09

One of the books I wanted to get at the library last Tuesday was Robbe-Grillet's For a New Novel: Essays on Fiction. Several copies of the book were there for the borrowing, but they looked a little too old, and then I noticed a newer book Unknowing: The Work of Modern Fiction by Philip Weinstein a couple of inches to the left. A quick look at the contents page of Unknowing convinced me to borrow Unknowing instead of For a New Novel: Essays on Fiction.

precursive art

Before there was Museum Studies 7 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art May 17, 2003 - July 27, 2003...

...there was Museum Studies 6.1 at Museumpeace 2002.10.28 and Museum Studies 6.2 at Museumpeace 2002.11.30.

Image captures of the video playing within Museum Studies 7 with superimposition of the cracks of The Large Glass, 2003.06.10.

In tandem with the above images Duchamp is saying, "There is a symmetry in the cracking, the two crackings are symmetrically arranged and there is more, almost an intention there, an extra--a curious intention that I am not responsible for, a ready-made intention, in other words, that I love and respect," which earlier inspired "Primarily Not Duchamp" at Venue November 1993.

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