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305 Diocletian, at Nicomedia, and Maximanus Herculius, at Mediolanum, divested themselves of the purple.

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what sphinx in here?   1323p
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if the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten   1323p
2003.05.01 15:36

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2003.05.01 15:59

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On Rem Koolhaas: his work, his style, his leaving GSD?   1662n
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93050101.db Campidoglio

2003.05.01 12:19
just posted at design-l
John Young wrote:
The WTC pit is the ur-skyscraper experience, reminder of the sunken plaza so beloved in the 60s for hi-rises which offered more rentable space below ground level. That Libeskind wants to glamorize the aesthetics of the slurry wall, indeed is working with the structural engineer who designed it, shows what landmarking can be used for. The glazing over the sacred wall is a nice Damien Hirst sliced cow rip-off.
lauf-s replied:
And speaking of a "Damien Hirst sliced cow rip-off," how's this for something completely pre-Damien Hirst? It's even 1984!

if ever there were wedges...

if the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten
immerse 2 : to engross the attention of : engage deeply   : ABSORB <immerses himself completely in his habitat and work>
ontology 1 a : a science or study of being; specif.   : a branch of metaphysics relating to the nature and relations of being [in the same place almost all the time?]
manipulate 1 : to treat, work, or operate with the hands or by mechanical means   : handle or manage esp. with skill or dexterity   2 a : to treat or manage with the mind or intellect

2003.05.01 15:39
and speaking of gallery...
VENUE, the art gallery I owned and operated 1993-94, was located within the first floor front of 1732 Spruce Street, just a half block south of my architectural thesis [Institute of Contemporary of Art] site. The more definitions [of art/techne] change, the more they stay the same?

2003.05.01 16:14

and that's my last 'painting' here today. I promise!




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