21 April

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030421a.db 3D model of the Curatorium
030421b.db Wacko House exhibition model
030421c.db perspective views of the Curatorium

Re:birth - Re:life - Re:death - Unbekannt   1662l
2005.04.21 13:24

Re:birth - Re:life - Re:death
2005.04.21 13:24

The Guggenheim will install a fully functioning solid gold toilet   4580k
2016.04.21 14:08

zero two seven   3233
zero two eight   3233b


2017.04.21 16:29

2005.04.21 13:24
Re:birth - Re:life - Re:death
So it was with Florence and Leonora in matters of culture.
But on this occasion I knew something was up. I found Florence some days before, reading books like Ranke's History of the Popes, Symond's Renaissance, Motley's Rise of the Dutch Republic, and Luther's Table Talk.

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